The Old Christmas Poem I Didn’t Publish (Until Now)

Yet Another Gardner Christmas Poem (whether you want it or not…)

‘Twas one week before Christmas in 2010;
I’m sorry our cards will be late once again.
With so much to do and an absence of time,
I’ve just settled down now to write this year’s rhyme.

To update you quickly—not much has digressed
From our jobs and our kids and our lives and the rest.
Karly’s eleven and gets what she wants
When she wants it; The girl is a Niceness Savant.
It’s hard to say “no” when she starts with a “please”
And ends with a “thank you” – she works us with ease.

Jack, who’s thirteen, seeks a different way,
Using logic and reason in hopes he can sway
Us to do what he wants or to get what he’s needing;
If that doesn’t work, he pretends he is bleeding.

There’s Bella and Bailey—our dogs sweet and sour—
(To learn which is which would take less than an hour).
But we are still suckers unable to scold them;
Instead, we reward them and bribe them and hold them.

So speaking of Bill, he’s the King of Tradition!
(And also of Hoping, and Praying, and Wishing
His wife would get published.) He’s really been great,
While I write and I blog and I tweet and I wait.

This year was exciting – some progress was made;
(Except for the part where I haven’t got paid.)
I do have an agent who thinks she can sell me;
With book number three she’ll have good news to tell me
I’m sure. Until then I’ll keep counting each blessing,
While letting my husband do all of the stressing.

I hope it’s more balanced in your house this year;
That you’ve found heaping spoons full of holiday cheer.
And if you’re not smiling, I hope I can change it.
With this list of wishes, I’m sure to arrange it:

May your apples be candy, your keys always handy;
May all of the beaches you visit be sandy.
Hope you’re eggs welcome nogging, your jammers like logging;
Please visit my website to check out my blogging.
I know that was shameless; I’m hopelessly gameless.
So please forgive Bill for this poem—he’s blameless.

And while we keep aging, let’s also try gauging
Success by the joy and the peace we are waging.
We’re all growing older, so let us be bolder
In sharing our warmth with the ones who’d be colder
Without all the goodness within us to give;
Let’s continue to laugh and to live and let live.

This year, to our people both nearer and far,
Please remember you’re loved.
Yes you were.
Yes you are.

Enthusiastic cheers from all of us to all of you, now and in 2011.
With love from Julie, Bill, Karly, and Jack Gardner

2011 Gardner Family


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4 thoughts on “The Old Christmas Poem I Didn’t Publish (Until Now)

  1. Laurel Janssen Byrne

    So sweet!

  2. Well. I feel caught up on your life 7 years ago. Let’s not let as much time go by for 2017

  3. This is very nice. I’m impressed that in 2010 you had time to write Christmas poems. Also, I think we should all adopt “May your apples be candy” as a parting phrase.

  4. Okay, FUN! Equally (okay more) importantly, I’m LOVING Lily By Any Other Name. Am in the middle. Hate Maddie.

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