Yes, my Young Adult book baby (that older-ish adults will enjoy, too) has officially launched! And I might be thrilled to share the news!

LILY BY ANY OTHER NAME is a story of love and friendship, of heartbreak and hope.

It’s about making wishes that come true in ways nobody sees coming.

And it’s available NOW for just $3.99 (LESSTHANFOURDOLLARS) at all these sites:





What’s the story? I’m glad you asked! Here’s the answer in blurb form:

17-year-old Lily Anderson is ready to wrap herself in a big red bow and give Zach Hewitt the greatest gift in the history of Christmas: Her. But when she pulls a pair of booties from her stocking and learns her forty-year-old mother is pregnant, Lily finds herself adrift, unsure of Zach’s commitment.

Lily hopes Zach will anchor her with promises of love. Unfortunately, his chaotic home-life makes him afraid of those three little words; and Maddie Franklin-in her Amazing Technicolor Dream Thong–makes sure Zach can have her whenever he wants.

With the help of her best friend Sarah, Lily plots to secure her place in Zach’s heart. But after a series of awkward rejections, Lily loses faith in her dream boyfriend, in herself, even in Sarah.

That’s when Lily turns to Adam Connolly, a transfer student whose lash-y eyes and comfortable silences make her question who it is she wants and what she needs. But Adam’s support can’t help her the day Lily discovers her parents’ game-changing secret.

Faced with the truth, Lily must decide how to deal with her family’s past, take hold of her own future, and accept that there are many names for love.

And just for my blog readers, I’m sharing this excerpt from Chapter Two, when Lily and Sarah are getting ready for Homecoming:

“You know what?” says Sarah from my bathroom. “I just realized who you look like since you darkened your hair.” She pokes her head out and grins. “Jennifer Lawrence.”

“Seriously? Wow.”

“Okay. Maybe you’re a little bit less pretty. But that’s still really good. Katniss is hot.” Sarah returns to the mirror and fluffs her orange hair. “The best I can hope for is a less pretty Ginny Weasley.”

“But Ginny Weasley’s beautiful,” I say. Sarah laughs.

“You would think that. Harry Potter nerd.”

“Well, I hope Zach agrees with you,” I tell her. “About me being pretty, I mean. Not the Harry Potter part.” I tug at my low-cut neckline. I’m not used to this much cleavage.

“Are you kidding?” Sarah turns and looks me up and down. “You’re gorge. And not the kind of gorge that means you ate too much. I mean the kind of gorge like gorge-ous.”

“You think?”

“Absolutely. And that green dress? Is on fire. Like Emerald City. I mean it. Even the Great and Powerful Madison Franklin will be jealous.”

Oof. Madison Franklin. I’d been trying to forget her. With that raven hair and those Bambi eyes, she’s desired by everyone at CHS. They either want to be her or be with her. And rumor has it, Zach was. At Devon Thorpe’s Sweet Sixteen.

“I hate that name, you know.” My voice quivers. “Please don’t say it out loud.”

“I’m sorry,” Sarah says. “I forgot.” She puts a hand on my shoulder. “But you need to remember that Maddie’s not Voldemort. And Zach didn’t ask her to Homecoming. He asked you.”

“Only after he aced his SATs.”

“Yes. But he kissed you before he took the test.” Sarah grins. “Why not rub that in her face?”

I sit on my bed to fasten the straps on my sandals. “Because that’s not who I am, for one thing. And for another, I don’t want to tempt her. If the Dark Lord-ess wants Zach, she can probably get him.”

Sarah nods. “I understand,” she says.

But I wish she’d tell me I’m wrong.

I know there are a zillion books out there to choose from, but I hope you decide to take a chance on mine.

I hope you fall in love with Lily. (And Zach, Adam, Sarah and everyone at Conejo High.) Yes, that’s the school from Letters for Scarlet

Yes, the settings and characters overlap. Which means you’ll definitely want to buy this book, right? I mean, YA is not just for young adults. It’s for older-ish adults, too. And if you know a high school student who’d like it, by all means buy it for them!

The bottom line: This book is a dream come true for me. Spread the word. Share the love. I’m so grateful for your support.

Always and always.


4 thoughts on “Book Launch: LILY BY ANY OTHER NAME!

  1. Diane

    What a wonderful day for Lily to become a reality. So proud of my dear friend who has now published her second book. Although the novel is classified as a Young Adult novel all adults of any age will find pleasure in reading Lily’s story. I highly recommend Julie’s terrific novel.

  2. I’m going to buy it, I’m going to read it. Congratulations!

  3. I am so happy for and proud of you!

  4. SOOO excited for you! It’s loaded on my kindle and I will be reading it soon!

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