Today call me wanted

Today call me wanted, and not just to replace toilet paper rolls in the bathrooms. Or to cut up apples because youarethebestatitMommy. Or to decide which pair of jeans can be pulled from the hamper and worn again. (You do that, right? Because if not, neither do I.)

Either way, I’ve been invited to visit the ever-lovely Alison of Mama Wants This today and I don’t even have to wear pants. (Shhhh.)

I can’t remember when I first *met* Alison; but I do recall that, one fine day, out of nowhere she was everywhere; commenting on countless blogs before I got there; tearing it up on twitter at all hours of the day; posting pictures on facebook; supporting, encouraging and spreading love across the internet while I was busy doing other things. Or sleeping.

Either way.

Eventually, I discovered Alison lives in Malaysia which (kind of) explains why she’s awake in the middle of the night. Nevertheless, I believe she possesses magical powers; the super-human ability to address more blog posts, tweets and status updates than any other sweet, small pregnant lady ever.

You are aware she’s knocked-up, right?

Yes, Alison’s doing her part to even the parent:child ratio in Malaysia by gestating a second boy to join her already adorable two-year-old son. And when I first heard the news, I sent Alison a gushing email explaining how much I adore unconditionally being a momoftwo.

I may have exaggerated.

I mean, it’s hard to raise a houseplant, right? Plus we have toilet paper rolls to replace and apples to cut and jeans to wash. Or not. So doubling your child-count can be downright terrifying.  Which is why I’m grateful Alison asked me to follow up with a guest post to share what I learned about my biggest fears.

You can click here to read it now and decide for yourselves whether or not I’m guilty of exaggeration.

Either way, please tell my kids to stop growing up. Their mama says thankyouverymuch.

13 thoughts on “Today call me wanted

  1. Mommakiss

    Kids stop growing?

    If I ever learn that trick i’ll be sharing. Lovey 2 kiddos. Love. 3? Or even 4? I may need a straight jacket.

  2. Oh I have missed you. And your glorious exaggeration. But this–this was not exaggeration. It was perfect.

  3. I know what you mean about Alison being everywhere… And I didn’t know she’s about to learn the joy of “from one to two”.

    I admit, I do like having two a bit more now that they are older – and can play together.

    But I do want to freeze time… or be able to rewind on some days.

  4. Diane

    To have been around for all these and watched the two of them grow has been my true joy. I only have to look at my refrigerator and I can see their progression. Guess I should change the photos every now and then, or at least every decade! Somehow I can’t bring myself to do that! As always Julie, you nailed another blog!

  5. Yeah, I don’t wear jeans from the hamper either. *clearing throat*
    I’m off to check out Alison’s blog…

  6. You are so RIGHT about Alison!! All of a sudden, she WAS everywhere! You know I am on my way over there.

  7. You never fail with your sweet words, Julie.

    At the time I was spreading myself all over the blogosphere, I didn’t have to replace toilet paper, cut apples and sort jeans. Or sleep.

    Did I just say spreading myself?

    I suppose I did, in more ways than one.

    Thank you for writing that gorgeous post for me, Julie. You’ll never know how much it means to me.

  8. Eric C

    Trying to be a neater more responsible person, I hang my jeans back up after a minimal use day. The problem is then remembering how many times they have been hung back up. Of course when they start standing on their own the answer becomes much clearer.

    Love you cuz,

  9. I tell the kids to stop growing every day. They just laugh & laugh. But I am not making a joke, kids. You’re killing me with this growing business.

    Off to read your post at Alison’s place!

    PS – I wore not-super-dirty jeans out of the hamper yesterday.

  10. Fiddlesticks – I can’t get to Mama Wants This from work (for whatever reason, my work filters think its a porn site, which I find hilarious).

    But, yes, doubling the child count is, truly, frightening. As is replacing the toilet paper roll (my kids are, firmly, in a “toilet paper as artform” phase, so we, intentionally, don’t put the toilet paper on rolls).

    Oh, and can you open this bottle of wine? You’re so very good at it, Julie.

  11. I’m impressed your jeans wind up in the hamper. Mine usually find their way to floor of the closet. I don’t know how…it must be the kids fault.

  12. allison

    I love all of your posts, but this one was especially beautiful.

  13. Super happy because your post at Alison’s was so beautiful, super depressed because I was too lazy and terrified to plan a #2 as well as you. Sigh. (And: Smile.)

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