Today call me tamed

Today call me tamed, for at least a little while; which is not to say my life’s what you’d call calm. Not exactly.  But I have been lately striving to balance all there is to accomplish within these too-brief waking hours. And I dare say, I’ve made progress. Or regressed, as it were.

Surely I could spend every minute writing posts or revising novels, but I’d still find more words to be worked at the end of each day. If I set about only reading and commenting on other blogs, new posts would appear before I finished those awaiting my attention. And were I to devote myself strictly to being the consummate wife, mother, homemaker? I’d never surface for air.

(Also, please don’t call me Shirley.)*

In truth, it’s unrealistic to choose a single path and seek perfection. We’re family members and friends; co-workers and partners; inside and out of our homes, we trudge through the mundane in order to free ourselves for the sublime.

Balancing pieces of ourselves, we weigh priorities and shuffle to-do lists addressing each responsibility as it becomes eminent.

(Except maybe the laundry. As it turns out, laundry can wait.)

And while stumbling through this life hoping for success and shaking off failure, I occasionally meet someone who makes me smile and nod and think. A person who forces me to laugh out loud (but never LOL) and who tugs at my heartstrings (or in this case, my ovaries).

Yes, KLZ of Taming Insanity has a two-year-old and a newborn so adorable I’d gladly trade kids. (Jack and Karly, if you’re reading this? I’m joking. I wouldn’t be glad. Mostly.)

KLZ was among the first to offer support and advice when I was flailing around blog-land and Twitter;  and I admire her authenticity, her humor, her strength. At this moment, besides juggling Taming Insanity, Eli Rose, Twitter and Facebook, she’s welcoming a new baby, a new home, a new life.

Therefore, it’s my honor to lighten her load with a guest post today. Click here to read my take on the wonderful world of blog comments. And don’t be afraid to LOL. Just be sure to spell the words out, or I’ll assume you mean Lots of love.**

Taming Insanity

*That was for you, Dad.

**That was for you, Linda.

And to everyone else: Let’s all regress together.

17 thoughts on “Today call me tamed

  1. I just want to call you Shirley. Other than that, I got nothing. P.S. I had to google Hyperbole. P.P.S. Do you say that HYPER-Boley?

  2. I love love love when one of my already favorite writers (that’s you) guest gigs on one of my already favorite blogs. (that’s Taming)

    Can’t wait to check it out. For the record YOU are known in my circles as best comment leaver ever!


  3. KLZ

    Dear Julie –

    Thank you so much.


    (That was a command.)

  4. so…I am new to this circle of blogs but anyone who is cool enough to get ScaryMommy (my #1 bloggy love) to comment on them is BY FAR the coolest blogger EVER!!!!

    I adore the movie Airplane – and therefore adore your father:)

    You are one funny mutha:) I’ll be stalking you both now…with all my spare time….:)

  5. will check it out! 🙂

  6. –Cool.
    My mommy’s name is Shirley, too. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. I love your post. No sugar coating here.


    LOL (yes, that means love you lots, what else?).

  8. You had me at Shirley.

    p.s. Nice beaver

  9. *swoon* What an AMAZING post. It was just what my HEART NEEDED. I can’t believe how CONNECTED I feel to you right now. And… You are probably the best blogger I’ve ever read. 🙂

    But seriously – I’m going to start commenting with random crap. Just to spice things up.

    So how is this… I’m writing this comment while watching Prison Wives, loving life in my t-shirt that has “I double heart(right across my boobs) twins”, and hot pink velvet sweat pants. **which I did not pee in.**

    All of that was true.

    Kristen – new follower 🙂

  10. I loved your post over at Taming Insanity, and I love what you wrote here, too. Seeking balance is incredibly challenging–your words really spoke to me, Shirley.

    You are the best. My bloggy role model. XO

  11. On my way Shirley!

  12. Oh shoot – I’m not the only original one who called you Shirley.

  13. I LOL you big time.

  14. Ain’t we all just so perimenopausally cool…hanging out with Taming Insanity.

    I tell you, everyone is cool on el internetz.

    *im such a dork*

  15. Yes – Taming is awesome!!



  16. Pop

    Today I call you Awesome for the Leslie Nielsen reference

  17. You had me at the airplane reference. Okay, I was all in way before that, but we say that all the time, so it made me smile to see it here. I tried to comment over at KLZ’s place & tell you what a great post it was, but I’m not sure it worked. Sometimes the internet hates me. I, however, won’t let that get me down.

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