About Me

Allow me to admit I have no idea whether I should write this in 1st or 3rd person.

(If you don’t know what 1st or 3rd person means, you might still like my website. Or me. So don’t give up now. Please.)

Let’s try 3rd first: “Julie C. Gardner has lived in California her entire life, and for her entire life she’s loved everything about books. She was a high school English teacher for sixteen years. Then her husband Bill got tired of hearing her complain that she wanted to be an author, so he suggested she take a leave of absence to put her money where her mouth is.”

See what I mean? 3rd person doesn’t read quite right. Bill sounds slightly harsh and Julie comes off the tiniest bit selfish and Bill is definitely not harsh.

This is us wine tasting in Oregon for my birthday. We like wine. And each other. And Oregon. 

So how about this: “I love my two adorable children, which is why I devote all of my free time away from the computer to meeting their every need.”

This is even worse and I would expect some major eye-rolling for this 1st person mushiness. I do love Jack and Karly, and they are adorable. But I am not running an amusement park here. Actually the kids are both in Oregon going to college. (That’s why Bill and I wine taste there. Shhh.)  I do however cater to my dogs who still live in California. They are very adorable also. 



Can I be honest? Julie is now less sure than ever about whether she should write this bio in 3rd or 1st person. So let’s cut to the chase:

Julie C. Gardner left teaching in order to write and write (and write). Since then I’ve celebrated the publishing of three novels and one novella. (Check out the MY BOOKS page for details!) Hoping to spend more time around books, she took a job at the public library. (This means I’ve read books, taught books, and written books. Now I’m trying to lend them to out!) 

When Julie isn’t writing, spoiling dogs, or working at the library, she spends time on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Please connect with me there. The dogs can’t comment on my posts.

Sometimes Julie updates this website. Which I am now doing. Which you are now reading. I think that’s all you need to know about her. Or me. Or whatever.

If you have clicked on ABOUT ME to view a more extensive list of facts about me, Julie C. Gardner, please don’t be disappointed. In fact feel free to contact her by email at juliecgardnerwrites@gmail.com and formalize your complaints so she can best address your needs.

You may as well know, I have a deep-seated need to please others in both the 3rd and 1st person. It would be devastating to have failed so early on in the Author Website process.

In other words, please hang in there with me. Or her.

Or whatever.