Letters for Scarlet: The Movie

PEOPLE, I HAVE BIG NEWS: No, Letters for Scarlet is not a movie. Yet. But it is on sale for just .99 until November 15th. NOW!

(Edited to add: The sale has been so successful, we’ve extended it. Don’t miss out!)

Oops. I meant IT’S ON SALE FOR JUST 99¢ !!! UNTIL NOVEMBER 15!!! NOW!!!

Three-Day Sale (2)

My math isn’t good, but 99¢ is fewer than four quarters. Which is less than the cost of Cheetos in a vending machine. (Thanks, jury duty!) Also, Cheetos last only a few minutes, but you can enjoy MY BOOK for hours and hours. If you haven’t read it yet, start now. Time yourself. Eat some Cheetos while you’re at it.

In the meantime…

My friend and publishing sister Charlene Ross wrote a blog post about her novel, Frosted Cowboy, imagining who’d be cast in the movie (when it’s made). Since then, I’ve found myself mulling over which actors might be stars in the big-screen version of Letters for Scarlet. Hey. It could happen. And if you’re a movie producer, call me. (Wait. Don’t call. I hate the phone. Text me. Yeah. Text.)


After gathering input from a few willing readers (or maybe they inflicted their opinions on me; whatever), I’m sharing my own conclusions. Below, I’ve listed some options (for the larger roles) and my ultimate picks for each. CONTROL YOUR EXCITEMENT, PLEASE! Or…DRUMROLL! PLEASE!

Corie Harper: She’s an English teacher and aspiring writer who’s trying to get pregnant when a letter she wrote to herself ten years ago reopens old wounds; in particular the tragic circumstances precipitating a fallout with her best friend, Scarlet. People have suggested Emma Stone or Blake Lively for the role, but my choice is Jennifer Lawrence. As a blonde. Not Katniss. (Even though Katniss rocks.)

jennifer lawrence

Photo Source

Scarlet Hinden: Scarlet is afraid her own history might repeat itself. With men. With her unborn child. This fear prompts questionable decisions and threatens every relationship in her life. Some people picture Mila Kunis or Anna Kendrick; but at the risk of being tooo clever, I pick Scarlett Johansson. (Even though she misspelled her name.)

Scarlett Johansson

Photo Source

Tuck Slater: He’s Corie’s current husband and the ex-crush of Scarlet. The man’s frustrated. Or frustrating. Or both. You can decide. One thing that’s not debatable: he is tall, dark, and handsome. I’ve heard Richard Madden mentioned for this role, but my pick is Tyler Hoechlin. (Even though I’d never heard of him until researching this post.)

Tyler Black and White

Photo Source

Gavin Newstedt: Scarlet’s co-worker and main man. He is patient. And adorable. And red-headed. I’d marry him if I weren’t already hitched. My choices: Domnhall Gleeson or Eddie Redmayne. (Even though they sometimes have accents.)

Domhnall Gleeson!

Photo Source

Clara Broxton: Speaking of occasional accents, Scarlet’s friend-slash-roommate lived in England a LONG time ago. Her ‘bloody hells’ come and go now, but everyone forgives the affectation because Clara’s funny, feisty, and loyal as hell. I’d marry her if I weren’t already hitched. Obvious choice: Emilia Clarke. (Even though it’s obvious.)


Photo Source

Laura Harper: Bets’ and Corie’s mother. She’s helpful or meddling. You decide. Either way, I can see Amy Irving. No. Wait! Kate Capshaw. (Hey, Stephen Spielberg. Text me!)

Kate Capshaw

Photo Source

Eleanor Hinden: Scarlet’s mother. She’s pretty damaged, but it’s not alll her fault. Or is it? I’d cast Susan Sarandon. Or Sigourney Weaver. (Someone with an S.)

Sigourney Weaver

Photo Source

Rick Roosevelt: The teacher who assigned the ten-year-letter to Corie and Scarlet. He’s involved with both—in more ways than one. My pick: Jason Winston George. (You’re welcome.)

Jason Winston George!

Photo Source

Dr. Kagawa: Scarlet’s kind, persistent therapist inspires long-overdue breakthroughs. Youki Kudoh is perfect. Don’t argue.

Youki KudohPhoto Source

Bets Harper: Corie’s sister. Let’s go with either Michelle Williams or Amy Schumer. (I know. So different, right?)

Michelle WilliamsPhoto Source

Joey Farinelli: Bets’ on-again-off-again-on-again. If you like Trainwreck, think Bill Hader. (Or not, if you’re in the Michelle Williams camp.)

bill_haderPhoto Source

Henry Callaghan: Jon Heder. (Because I picture the assistant principal with a pocketful of tots.)

Jon HederPhoto Source

Kate Turlow: Olivia Wilde? (Maybe?)

Olivia WildePhoto Source

Bart Kominski: Chris Pratt! (Yes!)

Chris PrattPhoto Source

Stella Womack: Winona Ryder. Sure. Stranger things have happened. <—That was corny. My apologies!

Winona RyderPhoto Source

So. How did I do? Do you have better suggestions? Please share!

If you can’t weigh in because you haven’t purchased Letters for Scarlet yet, here’s the link! Again! And if you have the print edition already, why not get a Kindle version, too? IT’S LESS THAN A DOLLAR. You could get called to jury duty and want to bring an e-reader.

Add a bag of Cheetos. It could be your best day ever.

Three-Day Sale

8 thoughts on “Letters for Scarlet: The Movie

  1. You know, it’s funny — as I read from anyone else’s work, I have these abstract, faceless people playing scenes in my head (even if the person has been described in detail, they remain this vague blob in my head as I envision the action).

    But when I write? My characters are ALWAYS fashioned after Hollywood actors (dead or alive).

  2. I love this! Great pics! And I’d never heard of Tyler Hoechlin either, but me likey. A lot! Please be sure to invite me on the set if that happens! 😉

    And yes, people, if you haven’t bought this book yet, what are you waiting for? This awesome book for less than a buck? Deal of the century!

  3. I love these choices!!!

    Meanwhile, I saw this post because of your newsletter. (yay!) But I wonder why they’re not showing up on Bloglovin, which is my most trusted way of following. I will put your url back in and see what’s up.

    And finally, it’s awesome that you’re NANOwhatever. 🙂

  4. Oh wait false alarm! It did show up in my Bloglovin feed.

  5. Maureen

    Yes,yes,yes! A movie or even a TV series would be something I’d love to see♡

  6. Is it bad that I don’t know who half of these actors are? Well, I guess then I can accept them as these characters more easily. (FYI your posts were going to my spam folder! Bad spam! i am teaching it to love your blog again.)

  7. This post was such a lifter-upper for me, Julie. I love your sense of humor! I hope your wonderful book gets to the Big Screen!

  8. Wow! I like Funny Julie! I am more familiar with thought provoking, word painting Julie but Funny Julie is….well….funny! And clever! I love your picks for the movie that’s sure to be a hit by the way. Have not heard of most of your cast but that’s not surprising in these mommy days where I find myself. Me likey Tyler Hoechlin mucho!

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