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Since I took a break from writing fiction, I’ve been compelled to blog again. The post below is something I wrote during the April meeting of my writing group. Each month we begin with a brief meditation, then a ten-minute response to a prompt. I’m sharing the result of my most recent effort because the topic is special to me, and because today is my husband’s birthday. You’ll see why that’s relevant when you read.

Note: I chose not to edit. Sometimes raw writing is best.

Prompt for April 21, 2017:

Describe your HAPPY PLACE the first time you were there…

We park at the top of a steep, narrow driveway against a curb of stones placed close together. The sun is hot, the sky blue. Clouds float overhead, moving across the canyon, drifting and lazy. Across from our vantage point sits what I grew up calling Snoopy Rock.

My earliest memories are of my famly winding through Kanan Dume on our way to Zuma Beach in an old Chevy my dad bought from my mother’s grandpa for $1.00.

But I am not a child today. I am an adult. A married woman with children of my own who are not with me as I pick my way across a wood-chipped path to the tasting room of Cielo Farms.

It’s called The Barn for a reason. Stone on the outside. Earthy floors within. The ceilings are vaulted and wood-beamed. Sunlight streams in from high windows. In the corners sit white leather couches above which loom giant portraits of Ringo Starr and Mick Jagger. Friendly young girls who couldn’t be much older than 21 pour us tastes of the day’s offerings.

Bill and I are members so I know already that I love the reds.

We take our plastic cups out to the high pub tables — also made of wood — at the edge of the property. I sip my cabernet and take a selfie of me with Snoopy rock in the background. Then one of Bill and me. He heads back inside The Barn to ask for our next taste from the young pourers.

The sun is hot, the sky blue. Clouds float overhead, moving across the canyon, drifting and lazy.

And I am happy.

Happy Birthday, WCG I hope you enjoy those edible anniversary gifts for him that I got you. Wherever you are is my happy place.

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17 thoughts on “Happy Place

  1. Mom

    I love this piece because the nostalgia speaks to me. Also, because you are enjoying this Happy Place in the present… with Bill! xo

    • Any place with Bill (and wine) is an extra-good place to be.

  2. Bailey

    Good read for a beautiful day (here in Michigan anyways). And Happy Birthday to your husband!

    • Thanks so much, Bailey!
      “Seeing” you here is always wonderful.

  3. Laurel

    What a great piece! Must have been written in a loving home, and prompted by a lovely woman. LOL

    • Now THAT is the truth! Thanks for being a the best hostess and friend.

  4. Sue

    I love your love <3 Happy birthday Bill!

    • I feel the very same about you and Eric. Cheers to our happy places. XO

  5. Diane

    Happy birthday Bill. We love being a part of your life and look forward to many more celebrations.

    • Yes! So much for us all to celebrate, so much to be grateful for!

  6. This is even more beautiful reading because I get to “hear” it in a whole new way. Happy birthday to Bill and let’s make a plan to check out your happy place.

  7. Kim


  8. Maureen Vasile

    Felt as though I was there for a minute. Lovely setting. Now for my glass of vino! Cheers to you sweethearts!

  9. I love” “Wherever you are is my happy place.”

  10. Love writing to prompts with other writers! This is beautiful. Are you riding unbuckled in a lawnchair in the back of the chevy? That picture is gold!

  11. WCG is one lucky dude. (And when I read your words I’m happy too!)

  12. You are both beautiful.

    xx and appreciation for your words from MN.

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