Frosted Cowboy by Charlene Ross: Book Review and Giveaway*

In her debut novel, Charlene Ross creates characters so funny and endearing, you can’t help rooting for them (or rooting for their demise).

From the first page of Frosted Cowboy, I wanted to be Laney Delaney’s best friend:


I study the drink menu as if my life depends on it. And I guess in a way it does. It’s time to shake things up. I will not be drinking my usual margarita or cosmo tonight. “I’ll have a Frosted Cowboy,” I tell the bartender as I look around the bar at this supposed Hollywood hot spot and wonder what the hell I’m doing here.

32-year-old Laney has just lost her cheating fiance; and after a misunderstanding beyond her control, she loses her job as a wedding dress designer. Laney’s about to lose her mind (or at least be buried under empty take-out containers and wine bottles) when she decides to take life by the reins and discover her true passion—not just romantically but also professionally. From then on, her career and dating adventures test her self-esteem, her self-control, and her limits of self-deprecation.

Whether Laney’s manning a booth at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, hosting an overpriced baby shower, or pitching designs to a trendy boutique in Silverlake, you’ll be cheering for her every clumsy step of the way. Laney is real and snarky and honest. She makes mistakes and takes risks with her heart, all the while discovering whom she can and cannot trust. (Including herself.)

Publisher’s Weekly says Frosted Cowboy is a “sweet, funny tale of a woman’s gradual self-discovery.”

I say the writing is bright and breezy, as refreshing as a Frosted Cowboy on ice. Ross’s heart and humor strikes just the right balance between sweetness and salt (on-the-rim), a blend that makes for the perfect romantic comedy.

Bottom line: Frosted Cowboy begins as a delicious cocktail ordered by Laney Delaney and ends in a delicious conclusion to her quest for love and purpose.

But you’ll get no spoilers here. To find out what happens, visit Amazon and purchase a paperback or Kindle copy of Frosted Cowboy.

To enjoy the story leading up to the events in Frosted Cowboy, download the author’s prequel, Love on the Rocks (With Salt) which is free at Amazon now.

Did I mention it’s FREE?











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If you don’t know what to say, share a memory of your best or worst date, or just tell me why you could really use a laugh these days.

Then share the book with your friends over a pitcher of Frosted Cowboys (there’s a recipe on the last page of the book!) and please don’t forget to invite me.


You heard it here first.


7 thoughts on “Frosted Cowboy by Charlene Ross: Book Review and Giveaway*

  1. Count me in to crash that party! I love that she included a recipe for the cocktail! And the book is funny and heartwarming! (Don’t include me in the giveaway – I already have my copy – I just wanted to stake my claim on a tasty beverage)

    • Julie Gardner

      I can’t wait for another Frosted Cowboy party. One pitcher at our last writer’s group was not enough!

      P.S. Bill thinks the cocktail sounds amazing, so I guess it’s not just for girlfriends.
      (Although he’s always been comfortable with the ladies, TBH.)

  2. I just finished reading this and it was wonderful! I flew through it – which is saying something between two little boys who try to kill one another by the minute and a handful of the sports in which they participate when they’re on hiatus from torturing each other (and me!). This was a fantastic review and captured Laney’s perilous journey of self discovery perfectly! Kudos! And yes! I am up for a Frosted Cowboy party soon!

  3. Diane

    After reading your review of this debut novel, I am anxious to read it. I am always ready for a delicious cocktail!

    • Yes! Let’s book it.
      We will make Bill be the bartender…

  4. I can’t wait to dig in! 🙂

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