Another Christmas Poem Because When All Else Fails, I Rhyme!

Just settled down for a long winter’s nap…

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‘Twas two weeks before Christmas 2016,

And I had just showered. My house looked SO CLEAN!

The dogs mastered heeling; the dishes were done;

Our laundry was folded. I’m Mom Number One!

My novel hit the biggest bestseller list;

My skin wasn’t wrinkled, just soft and sun-kissed.

All those gray hairs (overnight) disappeared.

The ship of this family sailed smoothly, well-steered!

And then I woke up. Wait! You say it’s a dream?

Where are my peaches? Hey! Where is my cream?

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Oh, right! Life’s not perfect. I almost forgot.

Some days start off great, and then some suck. A lot!

Things fall apart on the inside and out;

Sometimes it feels like we’re stuck in a drought.

And yeah, I meant water, but also our souls;

It’s hard to risk failure, to face half-reached goals.

But however scared or defeated you feel,

You’re never alone. This I promise for real.


When hope seems elusive, just reach out a hand;

Grab hold. Make a chain. Be a grain in the sand.

Each act of goodwill brings us closer to peace;

Faith is a challenge, but we cannot cease.

(Yep. I sound corny and sappy and trite;

But darkness can’t win if we turn up the light.)


So here are some things I am wishing this year:

More love and acceptance, less hatred and fear.

More listening, less shouting “YOU’RE WRONG AND I’M RIGHT!”

More opening of minds and less “LET’S START A FIGHT!”

Imagine if we helped out others before

We took for ourselves. Let’s stop checking the score.

One way to feel good any time, any place,

Is bringing a smile to a smile-less face.

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And since I’ve shared hopes during Christmases past,

I’ll do it again, saving bests for the last:

Hope your tales are tall and your stories are short;

Hope you’re friends with Hermione, not Voldemort.

Hope your egg yolks are sunny, your thrillers hard-boiled;

Hope your heroes get knighted, your enemies foiled.

Hope your pencils stay sharp and your pens are well-inked;

Hope the years didn’t fly when you forgot and blinked.


And if—after trying—you still don’t succeed,

Try again. Try again. Try again. There’s a need

For believers who simply refuse to let go

Of their dreams. Plant the seed, and your garden will grow.

The truth? I’ve heard NO much more often than YES;

But my drum beats on. Are we marching? I guess!

Let’s brush ourselves off and start over again,

Focusing forward, not on where we’ve been.

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If you’ve landed here, there’s a reason. I know it.

You may want someone not to tell it, but show it.

To any new stranger who’s crossing my path,

We’re on the same road. We are equals. It’s MATH!

And if you’re a friend or a loved-one, it’s true,

I’m grateful and lucky. (More math: Me + You.)

So please let me sing all your praises and say

YOU ARE SPECIAL. You’re loved by somebody each day.

Now go. Spread your beauty both farther and near;

Let joy be our gift,

And a Happy New Year.


From my family to yours. Forever and ever. The end.

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13 thoughts on “Another Christmas Poem Because When All Else Fails, I Rhyme!

  1. Mom

    All the right words in all the right ways… again! 🙂

  2. Diane

    Happy to be a part of your chain. Love you at Christmas and during the rest of the year!

  3. “Hope your tales are tall and your stories are short;
    Hope you’re friends with Hermione, not Voldemort.”

    Now, THAT is something to aspire to. xo to you and yours, Julie C.

  4. Bailey

    Amen! Happy holidays!

  5. Kay Moir

    Thank you Julie for another great poem, full of hope and joy.
    May your Christmas be a good one and the best of wishes for the coming year and beyond xx

  6. You have a gift, my friend! I know your dream will come true!

  7. Mike

    This was just wonderful and I thank you! A humorous twist with a note of sincerity. I agree completely with all the hope you envision.

  8. Oh yes, less shouting. Yes! (I whispered that. Didn’t shout.) But seriously, I agree.

    Loved this!

  9. So sweet. Let’s not keep score, just doing and smiling for the smile-less soul. Merry Christmas. Dickens got nothing on you.

  10. Renis

    Oh how I love your dear Christmas poems. Love and a Merry Christmas to you all! ❄⛄

  11. Well put and beautifully presented. Thank you for sharing and making my day brighter. Merry Christmas.

  12. Brilliant.
    Pure Perfection.
    I loved this so much.
    Thank you! WOW.
    xx Merry Christmas from COoooold Minnesota.

  13. How priceless this is Julie. I’m dying to know whether this literary, lyrical genius just flew right out of you, or did it take a long time? It is so fun to read and SO lovable. Thank you!

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