A Paperback by Any Other Name

PEOPLE! I HAVE BIG NEWS! In fact I might be dancing in my living room!

Why? I’m glad you asked.

LILY BY ANY OTHER NAME is in print, and I’m beyond happy about it!

This is my writing group being happy with me. 

Want to be happy, too? Of course you do.

Head to Amazon or Barnes & Noble now!

(You can also dance in your living room. Or eat cake. Whatever works for you.)

If you enjoyed LILY the ebook and want the paperback—or maybe you’re very nice and want to gift the paperback to your favorite people—head to Amazon or Barnes & Noble now! <—Yep. These are the same links I just shared. I’m THAT happy.

(I also might be dancing in my living room AND eating cake now. Don’t judge.)

If you have NOT read LILY yet, I’m guessing you have reasons:

A. You didn’t hear about LILY until now.

B. You heard about LILY but prefer print books over ebooks.

C. You heard LILY is a Young Adult novel and you’re not a Young Adult. (Maybe you’re a young-ish adult or you’re a full-on adult; maybe you’re getting on in years, but you’re young at heart; maybe you’re not even close to any kind of young which is cool, too.)

D. You desperately want to buy the paperback AND ebook editions of LILY, but you’re trapped under something heavy.*

If you answered A. and love to read ebooks, you can still buy LILY at Amazon or Kobo or iTunes or Barnes &Noble.

If you answered B. today’s your lucky day, because you can buy the paperback edition of LILY in at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. <—I know. I’ve shared these links twice, but I can’t keep the happy to myself. (Cue the cake and dancing!)

If you answered C., let me suggest people of many ages love LILY. (I myself am no spring chicken and I wrote it.) Also there are overlaps between LILY and LETTERS FOR SCARLET; so if you enjoyed LETTERS FOR SCARLET and GUEST LIST, why not give LILY a try?

It’s a story of love triangles, friend triangles, family triangles. It’s about rejection and heartache and wishes coming true in twisted ways.

You might fall in love with Lily and Sara, or Zach and Adam, or Claudia and Drew. You’ll definitely be supporting an author who puts her whole heart into her words, an author who actually needs support. (I mean, James Patterson is cool and all, but he’s doing fine without you.)

Also Scout loves LILY and everyone loves Scout.

Behold. The face of love. 

So let’s make a wish. Let’s be happy together. Let’s dance. Eat cake. And read.

Because sometimes dreams come true. Thanks for being a part of mine.

* If you chose D. and got that reference, you’re at the very least young-ish at heart. 

How about this one? Any fans out there?

Either way, please save me a slice…

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2 thoughts on “A Paperback by Any Other Name

  1. Laurel Byrne

    So exciting, Julie!!! Congrats!! xoxoxo

  2. I’m dancing right there with you!!!! I don’t get any of your references but I’m sure you’ll quietly explain them to me later. I am so excited to read your book since my Nook was not playing nice with your Kindle!!!!

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