A Christmas Poem (back by popular-ish demand)

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas, 2018,

And every Gardner was here on the scene.

Karly and Jack had both flown home from college,

With luggage and laundry and (probably) knowledge!


Karly’s picked anthro as her likely major;

Criminal justice is her goal, I wager.

Jack’s in his third year and bio’s his path.

(This means that my kid has passed o-chem and math!)

I’m at the library four days a week(ish)

Our patrons are lovely and NOT AT ALL FREAKISH!

Bill’s kept the same job for year seventeen,

Selling spine bones and the stuff in between.


All of us miss our good three-doggie phase,

But Bella’s our guardian angel these days.

Bailey and Scout work to fill Bell Bell’s shoes…

…The ones we love most are the hardest to lose.


As much as things change, others still stay the same;

Like, I have some wishes I’m ready to name,

For you and your dear ones this upcoming year,

Whether silly or serious, foggy or clear:


Hope your pipes aren’t too rusty, your parachute’s trusty,

The heels of your bread are the right kind of crusty.

Hope your oak trees are shady, your bunches are Brady,

Your dogs and your cats are more happy than ‘fraidy.


May your blue jeans stay zippered, your edges well-clippered,

And if you like herring, may yours all be kippered.

May your trails be blazin’ your goats fond of grazin’,

Your party mix heavy on nuts, light on raisin.


I wish for you plenty of stars up above,

A warm hand to hold, warmer people to love.

If your bellies are full and you’ve quenched every thirst,

Be grateful. Choose grace. Put humanity first.

Let’s make new connections, lift someone who falls,

Build ladders and bridges and roadways, not walls.


Stay sunny of weather, and shake your tail feather;

Then treat the earth gently. Keep families together.

And whether we disagree or we agree,

Eye to eye’s not the only way for us to see.


 Try looking for good in each other more often,

And letting love win. Every hard heart can soften.

Not just today, but in all the four seasons,

There’s more that unites us for so many reasons.


I’m channeling kindness and hugging you all,

In winter and springtime and summer and fall.

I wish you goodwill. Peace and light I still send.

I’m grateful to share this world with you…

…The End.


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5 thoughts on “A Christmas Poem (back by popular-ish demand)

  1. Merry Christmas! I’m also grateful to share this world with you. Have a fantastic time with your kids at home for the holidays. With a strand of white lights that looks like boobs <3

  2. Diane

    As always your Christmas poem brings me both tears and smiles. I hope your holidays are filled with all the love and joy you most definitely deserve. Love you and the rest of the Gardner’s, both two legs and four!

  3. This is my favorite line: Hope your pipes aren’t too rusty, your parachute’s trusty 🙂

    Me too!!! Love you! (You should team up with Lexi for a New Year’s edition!)

  4. Jennifer Liberts Miller

    Love it!!!

    “And if you like herring, may yours all be kippered.” CLAPPING!!

    Merry, Merry to you <3

  5. Mrs Kay Moir

    I love this poem , it’s full of humour and honesty . Also I’m hoping my blue jeans stay zipped while I’m shaking my tail feather xx

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