Mother Knows Best

In my earliest memories, she wears a long blue robe and smells like coffee. My dad offers goodbye kisses to her, my little sister and me. Then he goes to work. He’s a high school Spanish teacher. My mother’s work is us. She is young, in her early twenties, ironing clothes in our den. Love, […]


Prompt. It’s a great word, right? Who doesn’t love a single syllable that commands three parts of speech in six tiny letters? I suppose those letters are—in and of themselves—not necessarily tiny. But it felt right to say “six tiny letters.” And you know how some things just feel right? (Like ninety-degree pool water. Or […]

Today call me julienancy.

Today call me julienancy.  It’s what I called myself when I first started school. I couldn’t remember life before my little sister. Couldn’t enjoy kindergarten without her there.  So I brought her with me.  At least in the name I wrote on my artwork, projects and papers. julienancy. People believed we were twins. We wore […]