When the New Baby is Coming: Petal Lashes

The petal lashes blink once, twice. A third time. I don’t believe you, his blue eyes say. This is what he knows: There is a bed in my room now. Next to my crib. I pull tufts from my blanket, white balls that look like bubbles. Mama’s belly is hard and tight, bigger than it used […]

For My Son on His Birthday

You’re the one who changed me. June 22, 1997. That’s the day you took apart the whole of me to be pieced back together in a puzzle I hope will never be completed. You were my life’s great surprise, usurping this body before I’d finished writing thank you cards for wedding gifts. Unable to breathe […]

Today call me julienancy.

Today call me julienancy.  It’s what I called myself when I first started school. I couldn’t remember life before my little sister. Couldn’t enjoy kindergarten without her there.  So I brought her with me.  At least in the name I wrote on my artwork, projects and papers. julienancy. People believed we were twins. We wore […]