Begin Again

On November 3, 2015, I shared this post announcing that I was beginning to run again after months of not running. I did this partly for accountability, but also because I wanted everyone else to join me in pursuing a deferred dream. Let’s do this, I said. TOGETHER, I said. It was a post aimed at […]

Mother Knows Best

In my earliest memories, she wears a long blue robe and smells like coffee. My dad offers goodbye kisses to her, my little sister and me. Then he goes to work. He’s a high school Spanish teacher. My mother’s work is us. She is young, in her early twenties, ironing clothes in our den. Love, […]

My Favorite Post

Would you believe me if I said I actually gave quite a bit of thought to my 100th post? (I know. Such an overachiever. 100 blog posts in two years! How does she do it?) Unfortunately, I didn’t pay close attention to how many posts I had published because when you’re NOT prolific you assume […]