What Happens in Writing Group Stays in Writing Group Except When it Doesn’t

*Below is my response to a ten-minute writing exercise from our February meeting. The prompt: Describe “That Moment.” 

My friend Charlene shared hers first. She inspired me to share mine, too.

We were at brunch, just the three of us, a special treat, for sure.

I probably had an omelet with a bagel and cream cheese on the side. I’m sure I had a mimosa or two. I mean, we were at brunch.

Sometime before we got the check, the thought came to me and I knew. Or at least I suspected.

Two weeks before I’d been sick—sick enough to go to Urgent Care where I told the doctor I might be pregnant. Bill and I had been trying.

We’d given ourselves one month to see if it would happen, because then I’d have another summer baby, exactly two years after Jack.

If I didn’t get pregnant, we’d wait until the following year. Try again for another 30 days.

It was a slim window, so we didn’t expect to be successful. Not necessarily. Still, I hoped.

The doctor gave me a test.

Not pregnant. Just the flu.

I took my prescription and thanked her.

We’d try again next year.

But two weeks later, in the middle of brunch—with omelets and bagels and mimosas; with baby Jack gnawing on a fistful of fishy crackers and sipping milk from his lidded cup—I knew.

I said nothing. Everyone else would hear soon enough.

When we got home, Bill went to mow the lawn, and I put Jack down for a nap. In the bathroom, alone, I took an EPT test.

(I still have it. Is that weird? In any case, it’s true.)

Two pink lines.

I put my hands on my stomach, full of omelet and bagel and mimosa.

“My girl,” I thought. “This is my girl.”

And I was right.

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7 thoughts on “What Happens in Writing Group Stays in Writing Group Except When it Doesn’t

  1. Bailey

    This is so sweet! What a happy story.

  2. Laurel Byrne

    So precious! Your girl. That moment. xo

  3. Diane

    …and then she became our girl! Loved Kk from the very start.

  4. Ten minutes. She did that in ten minutes, first draft. Beautiful.

  5. I only kept two pee sticks. The baby I lost, and the baby I was so terrified of having at age 47. I kept praying and praying so hard that it would be NO and I felt the answer to my prayer to be “trust me” so when I went ahead anyway and peed on the stick and it was blank – I mean completely blank. Not even the test strip! I have peed on many a stick and that has never happened… Well I took that for God’s rollicking sense of humor. As you know, I didn’t face a peri-menopausal pregnancy (phew), but I still have three babies and two sticks.

  6. Aw, so sweet. Does she know her first roommates were omelet and mimosa? And thank goodness you didn’t name her for one of them!

  7. Love.

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