Today I’m just plain excited…

…because today I am visiting one of my favorite places in the universe (yes, universe):   Four Plus an Angel.

You know Jessica’s blog, right? If you’ve read her words, then you have also laughed, cried and let your heart swell beyond imagining. The raw truths she shares about being a mother (four in her arms, one in her heart) literally take my breath away.

But also Jessica’s got a fantastic sense of humor that’s been sharpened by the realities of being a mom, a blogger, a writer and friend. So when she said she wanted guest posters to share funny stories from their past summers, I jumped at the chance.

(Okay. I didn’t jump. But I did email her back immediately to say, “I’m in!”)

And then I wrote something I’ve been dying to share at my own blog but never could bring myself to publish here. Read it and you’ll see why. Probably. Or maybe these things happen at your house all the time.

Either way, I got my son’s permission to tell this story.

So please visit me there. Read, comment and check out Four Plus an Angel. Then follow Jessica on Facebook,  Twitter and Pinterest. You won’t be sorry.

(Okay, you may feel sorry for Jack.)


7 thoughts on “Today I’m just plain excited…

  1. Ack! This went into my Spam folder!! I’m so glad I saved it!

  2. Going over now 🙂 Love both of you!

  3. Loved your post, Julie!

  4. Loved it. xo

  5. Well, you are quite a saleswoman- I’m jumping over right now to read the neverbeforetold story! And I love Jessica- she’s good people. Like you.

  6. You are the best, love you Julie!!

  7. I loved the storytelling and I love that you got his permission, too. My eldest is 13 and it never ceases to amaze me that I am a parent to someone who is bigger than I am and speaks in a baritone…

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