Today call me wondering

Today call me wondering, or maybe I mean wandering; because I’m at Missy Stevens’ fantastic blog Wonder, Friend today. You must know her place – It’s where we wonder; we discuss; we feel all warm and fuzzy.

If not, then hurry over because Missy’s not only sweet, funny and thoughtful but she’s also a super-smart writer who shares my love of good grammar and calls herself an un-athletic athlete. What could possibly be more perfect?

Nothing, right?

Because nothing IS perfect. Which is kind of what I’ve suggested in my guest post.

You see, I recognized long ago that I am not the type who can or even wants to Do It All. I’m okay with prioritizing that which is most valuable to me and letting areas of lesser import take a back seat.

While someone else might spend time searching for exciting new recipes to delight their families, I tend to throw the same ingredients in the best ninja slow cooker each week and call it dinner. Still, I make time for us to eat together, so. This is my trade-off.

The truth? We all have passions, chores, talents, weaknesses. So where is the compromise between Jack of all Trades and  Master of Everything? And do we – as well-intentioned parents – sometimes put too much pressure on our children to be more than we’re able to be ourselves?

I want to hear what you think. So please visit me at Wonder, Friend. Then follow Missy on Twitter and Facebook.

It’s even easier than cooking with a crock pot. Probably.

7 thoughts on “Today call me wondering

  1. oh my gosh you are always TRAVELING. Geesh. Okay I’m clicking over!

  2. I loved your post over at Missy’s, so I came here to say hello and that I’ll be following along over here. I can tell from your writing that you are Real, and I always appreciate meeting other moms like that!

  3. Thank you, Julie, for writing at my place and for saying such kind things above. I love the conversation your piece is sparking, and it’s comforting to know that – at least judging by the comments – a lot of parents out there put more value on kindness and decency than on winning everything.

  4. I don’t know her, but off to visit.

    But me, I don’t trade off and am a glutton for punishment.

  5. I had to comment again, because I found an error in your post.

    You said NOTHING is perfect. Um, there’s me.

  6. I love Missy. And I love you. So, off I go to Wonder.

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