Today call me sunny.

Today call me sunny (which is generally true; in fact I’m optimistic and cheery to an annoying degree). But at the moment I’m also guest-posting over at The Suniverse and I thought that “Today Call me Universal” might sound braggy and also that Suniversal isn’t a real word.

Not that braggy is.

But let that go for now. Because I’m thrilled to be visiting The Suniverse and if you already know her you’ll understand why.

My Suniversal crush began the first time I visited her site and saw her tagline – Ketchup is for winners, Ted .

Then, when she shared with her readers the joys of finding a pubic hair in a cookbook she’d checked out of the public library? I subscribed.

But after discovering she loves Nancy Drew (arguably the best of all the titian-haired virgin sleuths), I damn near fell in love.

She is irreverent, politically savvy, raw and honest. Plus she likes Eminem and The Gilmore Girls. And if I ever get a chance to have lunch with Tina Fey (it could happen), I’m inviting my girl Suniverse to come along. In the meantime, we’ll both have to settle for reading Bossypants again.

And again. And again.

So please head over and check out her place now. You won’t be sorry, I promise…

…unless you’re my mother and father, that is.

If you are my parents, I apologize to you both for the post you’re about to read.

I checked with Nancy first and she said it was “definitely not too much” so you can blame your younger daughter for any embarrassment you may incur. (Typical, huh?)

p.s. I love you! And that’s Sunny’s button there on the bottom. The one that says “Suck it!”

I would never say that, Mom. Not to your face.


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16 thoughts on “Today call me sunny.

  1. NannyK

    Hmmmmm. When you ran this past me, I don’t recall bring told I would get public credit for having given the “go ahead”. As soon as I crawl out from the bus under which you’ve just thrown me, I’ll head on over to Suniverse. Love her!

    As love you…but must you ALWAYS give credit where credit is due? 🙂

  2. Julie

    Hee hee.

    Also, I was the one who stained your jeans after forgetting to ask if I could borrow them.

    (I will keep confessing this same fact that you already know every time I need leverage. Or something.)

  3. Di

    White rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit!

  4. Julie

    Di –

    I know. A whole warren of them. Right?


  5. Love that it’s in cross stitch. Gives it that added little something.

  6. Loved your post over at Suniverse (love her too!). Will subscribe to you here!

  7. Can’t wait to read you over there. I’ve never been! Here I go!

  8. You are so funny. Even when you’re just directing us to a guest post. Love it.

  9. I’ll head over now! Love Suniverse too!

  10. Congrats to you! Heading over now.

  11. Julie

    You people rock my world. (And I know a thing or two about that…)

    Thanks for all the support over at The Suniverse.

    But you’re not supposed to be funnier than I am.

    DANG it.

  12. I love Sunny. And Tina Fey. And Nancy Drew. And Eminem.

    What I’m saying is – why aren’t I cool enough to be in your club??

  13. I’m not sure the world could handle any more awesome: You AND The Suniverse!!! Yay!

  14. I can’t even explain how fantastic it was to have you over. SO AWESOME!!!

    Your post kills me every time I read it. And then I have to bleach my brain.


  15. Loved your post at Sunny’s.

    Just had to stop over here to say that I madly crush on intelligent women, too.

    They’re my weakness.

  16. Too funny! I’m sure your parents just shake their heads. lol


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