Today call me proud. Or cornered. Or just read my post.

As the title of this post indicates, I’ve been slightly scattered lately. Like goofy-happy one minute and teary-eyed the next.

Perhaps this is because my oldest is starting high school and my baby’s beginning her 8th grade year. And while I’m insanely proud of my children, I also feel cornered by the passage of time.

I can’t escape it. None of us can. Another hard truth from Captain Obvious.

(You’re so welcome.)

I still remember being an 8th-grader and freshman. I pretended to have confidence, strength, style. But in reality, I was a bundle of insecurities trying on personas that fit poorly.

(Like my jeans.)

My kids are different from me; and not because they don’t beg for Jordache or sing Journey’s “Open Arms” into the mirror all day long.

They don’t worry about following the crowd. They’re comfortable being themselves even when such authenticity diverges from the norm. Teenage Julie could’ve learned from Jack and Karly.

In fact, her 43-year-old self’s still learning. A lot.

So I’m at The Kir Corner sharing one of the first lessons from my children:

Let your heart – not someone else’s opinion – be your guide.

Kir is – quite simply – one of the kindest, most supportive friends I’ve had the pleasure to “meet” on twitter and Facebook and I hope one day to share a real-life cupcake with her.

You’re invited, too.

But first, please visit The Kir Corner to read this story. It’s one of my favorite proud moments as a mother.

Then afterward, if you want to meet up to sing Journey, I’m available.

(You’re so welcome.)

18 thoughts on “Today call me proud. Or cornered. Or just read my post.

  1. I have a child starting kindergarten and high school this year. I still have 2 weeks, but every time I think about it, I feel nauseous. They, too, are both surprisingly calm.

  2. I’ll eat cupcakes and sing Journey songs with you all day if you don’t mind. xo

  3. Changes … hate them.
    Life needs to stay in neat little boxes to not shake up my imagined sense of calm.

  4. I wish your kids could school me on this “calm” you speak of.

  5. Nikki

    My nephew started 8th grade this year. I told him, “This is the year that your uncle and I met.” He responded with, “And you still married him?”. Yep.

  6. Christy

    I read the story on the other site and it made me cry. My time has not been flying, but I’m sure it will soon.

  7. First it was me remembering when I was at the same ages as my kids, then remembering when my kids were the same ages as their kids, now I’m remembering when I was the same ages as my grandkids (but just barely.) Sometimes you just want life to stop but that wouldn’t be good either.

  8. allison

    That might be my favorite one yet. I love your kids just a little bit more because of it.

  9. Oh, girl. I’ll sing Journey with you any time.

  10. Oy, eighth grade…and then along comes ninth grade and suddenly eighth grade seems like a breeze. I was such a misfit my freshman year, so wrapped up in insecurity, but who knew? Who KNEW? You just never know how little you have it together until you’re a grownup begging for RX happy pills to get you through PTO meetings.

    Off to go read your post.

    P.S. I’m hardly blogging anymore and reading blogs even less, and yet I keep coming back here. I think there’s something in your water.

  11. I’m heading over there now to read…. and thanks… Journey is stuck in my head now.

  12. Reading your posts *always* make me smile and feel like I’m not alone. ~hugs~ And I absolutely love that lesson.

  13. I ALWAYS want to sing Journey.

  14. Courtney

    This is so sweet. Miss you XOXO. CDWA

  15. Your title made me laugh. I commented over there too.

  16. What a testament to your parenting that your kids are comfortable with who they are. I never had an over-abundance of self confidence and hope that my children grow up with much more.

  17. I’ve missed you! I’ve taken a much needed break and I’m slowly creeping back into blogging waters…okay, that sounds weird and doesn’t make sense at all. But, I’m not even going to try to clean that up because, well, what’s the point?
    I’ve missed you and your writing. I hope you’ve had a lovely summer. I’m with you on reisting change and big beginnings and Journey. I really, really hope you’re well. I’ll be back. Sooner this time. 🙂

  18. You, me, Kir, Journey, and cupcakes. Ohmygoodness *such* a win! xo

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