Today call me monstrous

Today call me monstrous, not only because I am visiting Mommy of  Monster and twins, but also because I’m there for her Mommy Moment feature – and the topic sometimes makes me feel inhuman.

Yep. I’m sharing a bit about my experiences with discipline which is probably my biggest challenge as a mother.

I’ve often felt like waving a white flag of surrender when it comes to disciplining my children, my weakness taking the form of that old monster: Consistency.

Still, that hasn’t stopped me from trying.

Over my fifteen years of parenting, I’ve read books, magazine articles, even enrolled in classes.

And sometimes I still believe I’m a failure.

But that’s what is so great about Natalie’s Mommy Moments, a feature she runs every Monday. It’s a safe space to share and commiserate about the times where you DON’T feel like you’ve knocked this whole parent gig out of the park.

Which for me is most days, if I’m being honest.

So please stop by to read my story and share your own in the comments.

Then stick around and check out Mommy of a Monster and follow Natalie on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

If you’re like me, you won’t leave her place without a smile…


5 thoughts on “Today call me monstrous

  1. I have a feeling you have knocked it out of the park far more than most of us could ever hope to. Off to read…

  2. I have been challenged with the same area of parenting!

  3. I think my comment was too long at mommy moments, but I thought your post was hilarious – especially the part when you praised you son, and he immediately hit his sister. And don’t I just know about these so-called experts. They steered me wrong in potty training – just give them water, let them run around in T-shirt and underpants, and they’ll hate getting wet and start using the potty. I tried this method with two of my kids; it never worked. I had to mop up puddles from my floor.

  4. Our youngest is 23, but you’re right – discipline is difficult, and consistency is even harder.

  5. I left a comment there, but thought I’d say here that I admire your honesty. It’s one of my favorite things about you. And your humor. You have a fantastic sense of humor.

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