Today call me Low

Today call me low, because I’m at Aiming Low sharing a few discoveries I made after becoming a mom; certain unexpected benefits I’ve embraced since welcoming two free-loading human beings into my household.

I mean, we all acknowledge that no matter how they enter the family, kids are a life-changers, right? It’s glorious and strange, beautiful and hard to be a parent. Blah blah blah. This we know.

But there were advantages to becoming a mother that I didn’t read about in my copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

(Also, how did they make that guidebook into a movie, exactly? I can’t quite figure this out.)

But I digress.

My point is, Benjamin Franklin once said, “Fish and visitors stink after three days.”

And if you’re really lucky, your kids will be around to foul-up your house for the better part of two decades.

So. You’d better make the most of the good stuff they bring with them.

Or invest in a whole lot of air freshener.

Aiming Low Gangster


9 thoughts on “Today call me Low

  1. KLZ

    That movie kind of irks me. Your post, on the other hand, un-irks me.

    Or is it de-irk?

    either way, thanks for the post.

  2. Di

    I tried to think of a pithy comment to use and honestly couldn’t come up with anything because the tickle of anticipation means so much more than your uninterrupted reading of trash magazines. That tickle is your proof of the great job you have done raising your kids. Happy Friday my dear friend.

  3. True dat. If only there was a way to get them to do housework that didn’t require any cajoling, threats, and finally…money on the parental part.

  4. Running over to Aiming Low! xox

  5. You and Aiming Low:

    All the party I need.

    On my way.

  6. Air freshener is right. This weekend the house is ripe with the holiday blend of funk…

    *sniff, sniff*

    😀 A.

  7. Sheldon is thinking of moving home for a few months before she gets married in January. Am I ready, who knows. How is she going to feel about not letting the fiance spend the night here.

  8. It’s true – tequila never tasted so good.
    How did they make a movie from that guide?

  9. They made that book into a movie?

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