Today call me lessoned.

Today call me lessoned because I’m over at Lessons from Teachers and Twits celebrating the blogoversary of the fabulous Renee Schuls-Jacobson.

Renee and I met while commenting at Leanne Shirtliffe’s blog Ironic Mom. Renee was hilarious and smart and quoting song lyrics; pretty much the three qualities I look for in a crush. Of course I followed her home to Lessons from Teachers and Twits and I’ve been hanging there ever since.

Then, a few weeks ago, Renee contacted me to say I’d unwittingly (the adverb to which I aspire most) left her a comment closest to the time and date she’d published her first post.

She led with YOU COULD BE A WINNER; and before she’d finished adding, “If you’re game,” I’d already said YES YES YES!

(I can’t play hard to get, it seems. Plus, the last time I received a prize I was eleven and I’d called a radio station to scream, “The Mighty Six-Ninety Plays Better Music!” on the air. I was the 69th caller so the station sent me a copy of The Police’s album Zenyatta Mondatta. In other words, I was overdue for a win.)

So. The uber-generous Renee sent me a book (We English teachers love that kind of thing. You know. Reading); and all I had to do was read (yes yes yes) and let the book inspire an (unwittingly) insightful post.

And now, allow me to admit this is my Dream. Come. True.

I know. There are people who (wittingly) get paid to do stuff like read and write about books; but I’m not one of these people.  So help fulfill my fantasy and come check me out at Lessons from Teachers and Twits.

Then look around the place and learn a thing or two about Renee. (Hilarious. Smart. Song lyrics. Yes.)

Go now to receive an A+. Go later and I’ll probably still float you an A- (Remember. Not hard to get.)

For extra credit, consider leaving a comment and I promise not to keep you after class.

It is, after all, summer vacation.


26 thoughts on “Today call me lessoned.

  1. Going…going…gone

    : )

  2. I’m going, I promise but I just have to share…

    I have the worst luck when it comes to winning things. I wouldn’t share this link, but it illustrates this fact perfectly and I know it was before we found each other:

    The last time I won anything… I was also 11.

    I’d called the local radio station Q102 and was the 10th caller.

    I wasn’t even sure what the prize would be when I called, I just frantically hit the redial button. I wondered….concert tickets? Passes to something awesome?

    I won a Terrence Trent D’Arby tape. I didn’t even like him.

    But I still have the tape.

  3. Julie

    Annabelle – Thanks, lady.

    Kelly – Terence Trent D’arby? Did anyone like him? (just kidding I’m sure he’s awesome.) Can’t wait to check out the link…

  4. He had one huge hit single, “Wishing Well.” Otherwise fell into the 1980’s “one hit wonder” category.

    And I wasn’t much of a fan.

    Of course at the time, I thought New Kids on the Block should rule the world, so my judgment might be a bit skewed….

  5. Diane McEvoy

    Since I am not a parent myself, I have watched qsmy friends became parents. Most of them have met with great success, in spite of their self-professed shortcomings. You Julie have grown as your children have grown and watching that dynamic from the side lines has been a true joy for me. Holy crap, how did Jack get to be fourteen!

  6. I will head over shortly!

    Congratulations on winning!

    I never win stuff. Sigh.

  7. Julie

    Kelly – “Wishing Well” was terrible. How did that EVER become a hit?

    Di – Thank you. My kids AND dogs love you. Socks.

    Alison – I had a long losing streak. Keep the faith…

  8. Jbutt

    Can’t wait to read you over there! Look at you, getting around lately. When are you coming to visit my place? I’d say I never win anything, but I recently won the educlaytion vaclaytion prize pack and my kid liked the message in a bottle so much he dumped all the sand out. Onto my kitchen counters. And didn’t tell me. I was wondering why dinner felt gritty that night.

  9. Julie

    Oh Jbutt…

    It’s not just “lately” that I’ve been getting around…

    Wink wink.

    And also, I’m kidding.

    Because it is just lately.

    (did you SEE my prom pictures? ha!)

  10. heading over now!

  11. Julie! Thank you so much for the kind write-up. I love your post so much! I didn’t even know that you knew JButt! The world is small, but the Blogosphere is even smaller! I hope some of my peeps (the ones who aren’t already following you) come over here and see what you are made of and see how amazing you are.

    And you know I love to sing… so I’m cyber singing this one to you, but also to Kelly K because I actually BOUGHT that album.

    Kissing like a bandit
    Stealing time
    Underneath a sycamore tree
    Cupid by the hour sends
    To my sweet lover and me
    But surely
    Your appetite is more than I knew
    I’m falling in love with you

    Wish me love a wishing well
    To kiss and tell
    A wishing well of butterfly tears
    Wish me love a wishing well
    To kiss and tell
    A wishing well of crocodile cheers…

    That guy like totally knew what he was talking about.

    Also you should know that I sound awesome exactly like Terrence. Seriously. It’s really too bad that you can’t hear me. 😉

  12. I feel like Cupid. Only not that fat. Maybe. I could use a bow, though. Can I get one?

    Love. You. Both!

  13. Julie

    Melissa –

    THANK you. Just sent you an email. Don’t be scared. I’m not a stalker just a very grateful admirer.

    Renee –

    I love you, just the way you are (Billy Joel. Oh yeah.)

    Leanne –

    I can only imagine what William and Vivian would say about Cupid.
    Have they SEEN that kid? With the arrow and the diaper? Crazy stuff.
    And you are the best best best matchmaker. Ever.
    But I think Paige Morgan originally introduced me to YOU so she earns some thanks somewhere.
    p.s. I love the twitterverse and the blogosphere.
    And cupid. Who knew?

  14. I do love a good adverb.

    What if I go way later? Like this weekend? Can I still pull in a solid b?

  15. Amanda,

    YOU crack me up, woman.

    Yes. You will always get a good grade from me.

    Especially since you like adverbs, too.


  16. Kelley

    I am on my way after I tell you that I didn’t know you were an English teacher. I could SO see that!

  17. Kelley –

    I AM!

    (Well, I was for 16 years, but it never quite leaves you…I sometimes feel the need to quote Shakespeare for no reason. It’s a blessing and a curse.)

    In any case, those books are awesome. Not light summer reading, but they make you think. So be sure you’re in the mood for THAT because sometimes I just want to read People.

    Also, it helps if you buy a few hot chocolates ate Barnes & Noble first. So I’ve been told…

  18. JDaniel4's Mom

    I am heading over to read.

  19. nannyk

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

    The last thing I won was a series of micro-dermabraision treatments in a silent auction. Was it really winning if I wrote a fat check? Of course, that was 8 years ago, and I was in no hurry to schedule said treatment, since my skin looked okay (at least no one was saying otherwise….to my face). So I promptly (yes…I believe you’ve already blogged about that fact that in all things, I am prompt)lost the prize basket in the mess I call my garage.

    Alas, they (and by “they”, I mean celebrities with seemingly perfect skin and endless resources)are now saying that “prevention” is everything. You have to start in with micro-dermabraision, botox, and the like, BEFORE you actually need it. So the fact that I really freakin’ NEED.IT.NOW means I am too late!!

    pity! Here’s hoping yours is more of a “win” than mine 🙂

  20. For the record, if you wanted to make me stay after class, I would not argue. I bet detention under your watch would be fun! But I’ll leave a comment anyway.

  21. And here I was thinking I was going to have to flash my boobies to get an A.

  22. JD4Mom – Thanks, lady. Loved your comment over there…

    NannyK – It is all about the chicken dinner. Or dinner of any kind, really. At least when it comes to us, right?

    Ilana – I rocked detention. In my bad girl dreams. In reality, I never had detention. I DID get a Saturday Work Day once for being tardy to Mr. Maitland’s Honors English class freshman year of high school. (pseudo bad girl.)My dad was in charge of the work program. What a proud day for him. You’re welcome, Dad. Happy father’s day.

    Mrs. Tuna – a little boob flash could bring that coveted PLUS to your A. Just saying…

  23. I was just thinking about you today (i.e. “I wonder what Julie G is up to lately and when we’ll read about it…”) because even if I don’t comment (bad blogger!), I do love reading your words. Anyhoodle, just as I was thinking that, YOU left a message on my blog (good blogger!). Hence, we are soul mates.

    The End.

  24. Lori –

    We are soul mates who appreciate 26 plates of passed appetizers BEFORE the real party begins.

    Oh yeah. Bring it.

  25. My A- is on the way!!!!

  26. Err, once I was the second caller and won tickets to see Kansas. I had a brand new baby and no desire to see Kansas, so I gave the tickets away. Go me for making the effort to call.

    On my way!

    P.S. Would love to have you guest post sometime. If you’re up for it and all that jazz.

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