Today call me home

Today call me home, as in “There’s no place like.” Except Judy Garland was sixteen when she filmed The Wizard of Oz. And at 43, I remain completely creeped out by flying monkeys so I’m in awe that a young Judy could utter crap like “We’re not in Kansas anymore” probably multiple times from various camera angles with only the tiniest tremble of her lip. Which I know is off topic, but still.

It’s good to be back from over the rainbow. Or down from those chimney tops. With or without a pair of ruby slippers. (For the record, I’m without since I left mine somewhere. Naturally.)

And although I fear hot-air balloons even more than flying monkeys, my life’s motto might as well be “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” Except instead of “man” we could substitute any number of conflicts I tend to ignore while en route to the Emerald City.

Because Dorothy’s hair sure looked pretty after those Oz-zy stylists worked her over. And those luscious curls (in place of girlish braids) must have been decent compensation for the disillusionment she felt upon discovering the Wizard was an aged bald man and the Tin Man already felt love and the Scarecrow came with smarts and the Lion…well, the lion wiped his nose with his own tail so let’s leave him out of this, shall we?

Where was I?

Ah yes. Home. At By Any Other Name. Which may shock those of you who witnessed the spread of my guest-posting net across the interwebs last year. In fact, in 2011, I “traveled” approximately nineteen times. And since I’ve written only 82 posts in my blogging career (Hooray, underachievement!) I’ve had roughly 23 percent of my words published elsewhere.

Yes. I consulted a calculator. Because this trembly-lipped sixteen-year-old paid no attention to that math teacher behind the desk.

So now, I’m Glinda the Good Witch floating around Blogtown in a magic bubble I pop wherever I’m invited. Except Glinda probably took a lot of showers and owned at least one pink ballgown and the same cannot be said for me. Sartorially, I trend toward Wicked Witch for sure. And also in my aversion to water. Maybe.

Anyway. My desire to help other bloggers and my inability to say “no” (except twice and you know who you are and I’m sorry it was unavoidable because of timing and pleasedonthateme) has rendered me the girl most likely to be written about on the inside of a bathroom stall. Finally! I mean, “Oh, no! A loose reputation!”

So today I am

A. Thanking my readers who traveled where bluebirds fly alongside me (especially in light of my irregular bathing).

B. Advising those of you who are new here about where else you might find my posts.

C. Expressing gratitude to my hosts. You shared your brains, your heart, your courage. And I loved your homes. For real.

For me, the best part about being a guest (besides free snacks) is trying on different writing styles (and maybe your bathrobes). I got to step outside my “Today call me____” theme once or twice. Or nineteen times. Or 23 percent. Or shutupIhatemath.

So. Here are the links to my guest posts in order of their appearance:

Marvi Marti


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Kludgy Mom

Diary of a Mad Woman

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The Suniverse

Erin L Margolin

Sellabit Mum

Sluiter Nation

Mommy Shorts

The Flying Chalupa


Momma Be Thy Name

Dances with Chaos

I’m humbled by this list. Truly. But as I enjoyed everyone’s 2011 recaps, I realized some of my best work lives elsewhere. So please consider visiting the posts you may have missed while checking out these most-spectacular blogs.

And to my beautiful hosts: I’m honored you let me burst my bubble at your place. You can borrow my ruby slippers any time. Just as soon as I can find them. And as long as you agree to pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain.

At least until she’s finished up her shower.

42 thoughts on “Today call me home

  1. Julie

    Hey people. If you got this far and didn’t click away when you saw the opportunity (after all, this was kind of yetanotherrecap post) let me ask you a question:

    Should I ditch the Today Call Me thing for 2012 to allow more flexibility in topics here or do you like that my posts have a thing?

    (Whatever that thing is?)

    Feel free to be honest. Or lie to me. Or bring me a vanilla latte.


  2. Julie – I think it can be said and everyone would agree, we love your writing no matter the place or theme.

    Do what makes you happy. It makes me happy in turn.

    Thank you for riding the tornado to my place.

    Or should I say broom?

  3. KGM


    Your blogs all year were wonderful. Although I’m not a frequent poster, I am a frequent reader and loved every one.

    As far as the name, I’d keep it. It is very unique and you can always go elsewhere to post your non-namey things. Also, sometimes it is pure entertainment to watch you try to match the name to the blog. But take my advice with a grain of salt – I LOVE math.

    And you.


  4. I’ll love you no matter what you call yourself. Unless it’s Twinisms, that’s already taken.

  5. Wow. You really get around. #IYKWIM

    It’s impressive that you’ve carried the “Today call me…” baton as far as you have.

    But I vote drop it. Free your mind, and the rest will follow.

    Pointer Sisters, right?

  6. Having you on in these small moments was such a pleasure, my friend. Your post still makes me smile.

    And as for you? I say spread your wings and expand beyond “Today call me…”
    You are so much more than that. 🙂

    Perhaps you could have a tab in your nab bar for the “Today call me…” posts? Maybe write one every so often?

    Looking forward to reading so much more of you in 2012. xoxo

  7. SuSu

    Hi, my love! Try something new! Just do it! 2012 is going to be a good year…. until December 21st, of course, when we all bite the dust according to those darn Mayans. So, what the heck… Want some ideas? Meet me for a glass of wine at our favorite place and we’ll chat. Don’t need ideas? Meet me anyway and we’ll talk about the ruby slippers (and thongS… Yes, more than once) that you left in my driveway:). Oh and btw, by “thongs” I mean g-strings, not the flip flops you wear on your feet. Just needed to clarify for your readers.

  8. Sue –

    You did NOT. Yes. You did.
    And well, I did too. I suppose.

    Judy Garland probably didn’t leave her panties in OZ.


  9. Abby


    Happy New Year!

    Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie. That has absolutely nothing to do with anything other than the fact that your post today had you playing the role of Glinda. I always loved that pink poofy dress. Probably because I could never wear it without looking like I’d been eaten by a ball of cotton candy. But, whatever.

    If you haven’t already figured it out, I’m biased. We are, after all, in-laws of in-laws. Or something like that. Anyway, family ties aside, I love reading your blog and will continue to read it regardless of what it’s called. However, with that having been said, I can’t help but wonder…

    Did you open up to a vote because you are tired of writing By Any Other Name or because you are trying to please the people who read it and have followed you “over the rainbow?” If you answered yes to either of the above, my official vote is to do what your heart is telling you to do. You can’t go wrong if you follow your inner Tin Man, but if you listen too much to that inner Scarecrow, that’s where you’ll get into trouble.

    So. There it is, my sage advice/wisdom/bullshit–call it whatever you want.

  10. Kudos to you!
    I will read whatever you choose to write, so go with your gut.
    And, btw, I seriously would like to party with you and Susu. Panties in the driveway?
    (And probably better than panties in the bushes . . .)

  11. Yay! Thanks for sprinkling pixie dust, er, poppy seeds, in my direction! Great having you!! And the Oz reference? Perfect! My favorite movie of all time.

  12. I would drop the Call Me thing, if it were me. I feel it leads to greater flexibility, but you have to do what feels right to you.

  13. Julie

    Annie –

    You can party with us anytime. And Susu is serious fun.
    But it’s not AS crazy as it sounds.

    When she moved into a house with a pool, I did a lot of “changing into my bathing suit and carting my clothes home in a pile.”
    Which did lead (on occasion) to apparel being left behind. Sometimes in the driveway.

    It’s also possible we did a lot of “drinking margaritas.”
    But you can’t prove anything.

  14. I say go ahead and click your ruby slippers and see where they take you! I love your current theme, but if you feel like changing it up will give you more flexibility I think you should go for it! I will continue to read with love no matter what!

    And thank you for guesting–it has led me to read other fantastic blogs 🙂

  15. Di

    I enjoy reading you here, there, and everywhere. And your aversion to water is luckily avoided while also partaking in a glass or two of wine! Happy New Year, my dear friend.

  16. I love that you can’t say no – I’m the same way. And it’s true, some of your best work does reside elsewhere. Your post at my site was hysterical and thank you thank you thank you.

    Happy New Year Julie!

  17. I’ve never been written about on a bathroom wall.


  18. I had no idea you got around like that. I feel so cheap. But lucky anyway.

    I like your “today call me..” In fact I love it. Don’t go changing to try to please me.


  19. Ah, Julie. Thanks for the laugh today! I made it to every one of your guest posts (once I found you, that is) and loved them all.

    I look forward to 2012 with you – growing our blogging friendship, because you. are. awesome.

    And you are invited to my “house” anytime you want.

  20. So you can do a guest post for me tomorrow?

  21. KLZ

    You can use my shower any time.

  22. Girl? I’d so follow you anywhere! 🙂

    And I, personally, love your theme or niche or whatever. BUT whatever gets your writerly juices flowing, I say go for it!

    Because remember? I’d follow {read} you anywhere!


  23. You can Today Call Me… or not. Just keep writing!

  24. Marvi Marti

    Change is always good! heck I went from my very blond hair to auburn right before the holidays, talk about a change!

    Follow your heart, us that follow you will love anything you do! 🙂


  25. Julie

    Thanks so much, Marti.

    You were my VERY first guest post (look at what you got rolling?) and I can still remember the email when you offered up your place to me.

    I’m pretty sure I did a little dance.
    And I know I can never thank you enough for your support from the beginning.

    You, my friend, will always be marvelous.
    No matter what your hair color.


  26. Smiley-face and all I read you no matter where you are. Even though it’s not at my place. Have you read my Dorothy post? Is it cheap to boast my own bubble here? Eh, who cares… cheap just means you get to buy more of it! XOXO

  27. 19 times? If you don’t have learn how to say no you are going to have to change the name to “Just Call Me Easy.” I love you no matter where you are.

    Hank <—- Amusing Hank by typing his name 🙂

  28. I love you today theme but you could write crap on the bathroom wall and I would read you. You seriously crack me up. I have a lot of reading after seeing that list. Shoot, and I wanted to go take a bath.

  29. I love love your writing style. I doubt it would matter if you changed the ‘thing’ or not.
    Though if you want more flexibility make it a once-in-a(a portion of how often you post) kinda thing.

    I’ve been clicking through those links and am so thankful for them. Great posts and so many great new blogs for me to read. When will I ever find the time!

  30. Julie! You are too much! Remember when Glinda asks Dorothy: “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” and Dorothy says, “Me? Why I’m not a witch at all!”

    Well, you are the goodest witch.

    And I would love for you to float on back to the land of Teachers and Twits one day.

    I would never burst your bubble.

    It has been a pleasure getting to know you through your words this year.

    And your “underachievement” reminds me that it’s really about the quality.

    And that we should be writing our books.

    Because we should be doing that.

    I see great things for you in my looking glass.

    Stay away from strawmen and avoid crows.

    They poop all over everything.

    I’m glad you are home.

    I’ve heard there is no place like it. 🙂

  31. Your words are golden, I’ll follow you, follow you wherever you may go, no mountain too high….. oh wait, wrong soundtrack.

    And I am honored, thrilled and pleased, that soon you will burst your bubble and bust our the bubbly at my place. I cannot wait.

  32. I guess the real question is, what would Dorothy do?

    Your loyal readers will love what you write no matter where or how you do it. You are that good.

    Happy New Year!

  33. You are ALWAYS welcome at my place. ALL THE TIME. We can each ignore the curtain.

    I think if you feel the need to spread your wings, ditch the Today Call Me thing – be you how you want to be.

    Because YOU are called AWESOME by all.

    Too smarmy? A bit, right?

  34. Since I am maybe the 8000th commenter on this post, it probably goes without saying that even a grocery list from you would be entertaining. I’m pretty sure something dirty involving a flying monkey, mathematics and losing one’s virginity just occurred in this post, and in all liklihood I need to bathe. Which is also something you apparently don’t do. But judging from the photos I’ve seen you look fairly cleanly to me. However I’ll take your word for it whist using the red slippers to do my taxes. I’m sorry, what was the question? Oh yes, you, to theme or not to theme. If you find it confining darling then chuck it. As for your readers, well it’s standing room only down here at the bottom of the comment list, so I’d say it’s working for you. Nuff said. xoxoxo Happy New Year, Julie!!

  35. Wow. You were at my place twice? Maybe you’d consider a weekly guest spot? 😉

    I think you your blog should be what you want it to be. If you want to change, we will still be here loving and supporting you, my amazing friend.


  36. —–Julie,
    You obviously are like one of those popular girls at school who everybody wanted to be with.
    If you weren’t so damn nice, I’d be quite envious of this worship …. xx

    PS. I despise those Flying Monkeys. They still scare me.

  37. I am feeling the same way except with way more posts. I guest posted a lot over the last year and I think some of my best posts were published elsewhere. For this year my goal is to stay home more.

  38. I would love you by ALL names…so whatever you choose with your titles is awesome by me!

    And I am so honored to be on this list. You saying yes to coming to Sluiter Nation made me do happy tappity dances.

    Still does. Each time you come to visit with your bread crumbs of comments.

  39. Happy to have you at my place this summer. And once again, I’m honored to share a list in the company of some fabulous ladies. Let it be said that you have good taste!

    You’re also, like, the anti-me – I hardly ever guest post. But then, I’ve always been a homebody. I guess that’s true even in the virtual realm.

  40. Tisha

    Whatever you call your blog, whatever you do with it, I will read it and love it and probably laugh so hard my face starts to hurt.

    Your guest posting all over the place has also introduced me to some other wonderful blogs, so for that I thank you.

  41. You really do get around – and know that I mean that in the nicest way possible. Not the bad sort of way. 😉 I’m sure it was an honor for each of these bloggers to host a writer like you. I’m am going to have to spend some serious time going through this list because I always love each and every one of your posts. I often wish you lived near me because I feel like I could just sit at your kitchen table and listen to you talk all day long.

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