Today call me Dancer

Today call me dancer; as in “on Dasher and…” or maybe “Hold me closer, tiny…”

Okay, I’m the least graceful person on the planet (pretty sure). But today I’ve gathered all the beauty, nostalgia and wonder I could muster into a special post I’m sharing with Kelly from Dances with Chaos.

When Kelly asked me to write about my family’s holiday traditions, I knew I wanted to capture the essence of my childhood Christmas Eves. But putting those memories into words became a gift unto itself. Better than baby dolls, matching dresses and foil wallpaper. Almost.

So please head over for a peek into my December 24th memories with my mom, dad and sister, Nancy; with my aunt and maternal grandparents.

Yes, these two. Knute and Renis.

How cute are they? Super-cute, I know.

So please don’t disappoint them. They read my blog and follow me on Twitter. And I know they’d love to share our Christmas traditions with you.

That’s me, by the way. Trying to sit on Plastic Santa’s lap. I loved his pointy hat and used to lick the blow-up candy cane. Plus the three-tiered, lace-embellished skirt? I wish they came in my size now because wowsa, it’s something special. And don’t get me started on those sweet barrettes in my hair. Young Julie worked a center-part, for sure.

Still, this is merely the amuse bouche of my little-girl Christmas. To get the four-course meal, you must head to Dances with Chaos. And after you visit Kelly, be sure to follow her on Twitter and facebook. Also, check out her other blogs: Writing with Chaos and I Survived the Mean Girls.

Then go spend some time with your own special families while I toast you all with a hot batch of glogg.

What’s glogg, you may ask? Hurry here to find out.

And as always, you are welcome in advance.



15 thoughts on “Today call me Dancer

  1. I don’t think I’d want Dancer to hold me closer; I’ve always been more into Vixen…

  2. Thank you so much for guest posting. Right now the most picturesque snow is falling from the sky, and we have to leave in 40 minutes..

    I’d give anything to stay one more day.

    But your memories make me want to try Glogg on Christmas Eve.

    Love you to and yours, my friend.

  3. Your grandparents make me miss my grandparents. Not that I didn’t anyway, I just wish my kids knew them. They are adorable.

    Ok,Tiny Dancer, I’m following you over.

  4. Glogg…I have a feeling that may be a distant relative of Manischewitz. I am intrigued.

    I thought you were The Dancing Queen?

    Anyhow, you had me at licking the plastic candy cane. Looking forward to reading you over at Dances With Chaos!

  5. Oh my, Julie. You had me at dancer. Or the plastic santa lap. Or glogg.

    {I adore you.}


  6. You were super cute, center parting or not.

  7. There’s nothing quite as cute a little Julie 🙂 except for your grandparents. I will go over to read after bedtime, because things are breaking down around here 🙂

  8. So Knute and Renis are on twitter? Heading to read and totally impressed with the seniors in your family.

  9. Oh my word. Knute and Renis. Really? How do two people with such names find each other? Did you make that up? They look so precious, I want to squeeze them (and then whisper in their ears, “Knute and Renis? Really?”

    I kind of love them already.

    Actually, I wish I’d been in your family. You could’ve taught me how to rock that center part. Me, I totally had spiked hair because my dad thought it would be funny to tell the hair stylist to give me the one haircut I said I didn’t want. Like for real.

    I would see a therapist, but I have this tendency not to trust authority figures…

    Knute and Renis. Really?

  10. —-Looove the photo of you Grand Parents. Lovely. X

  11. I’d do anything for Knute and Renis. And you.

  12. Yes young Julie, you did rock (a better compliment than work) the center part.

    Old Beth has recently tried to work the center part again. Ya’know I was trying to inspire my inner Cher but somehow I my innards weren’t inspired. Or my nose grew. Because that center part really really didn’t help my face out. At all.

    I can only hope to be super cute like Knute and Renis.

    Or maybe I can go for sexy like Julie and whack off my hair into a smokin’ bob or get a plastic Santa….what da’ya think?

  13. Mommakiss

    I know glogg!!

    Also? You’re adorkable. Truly. Merry Christmas friend.

  14. Hi Julie….just checked out your guest post. Loved it. Made me grin from ear to ear. Big Christmas Hugsss to you!

  15. You really are the guest poster that keeps on giving. Merry Christmas, Julie! To you and that fantastic denim skirt! It is denim, isn’t it?

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