Today call me curious.

Today call me curious. Not as in George, although he sure is AWESOME in those books. And possibly in the Will Ferrell movie, which I didn’t see but am assuming was decent because it received 69% on Rotten Tomatoes.  And even though that’ll earn you a D+ in calculus, in Rotten Tomatoes-world, that’s Certified Fresh.

Not that I judge all movies by their Rotten Tomatoes ratings. But I do tend to consult the number at some point either before or after seeing a movie. And I’ll admit there may be a tinge of judging that accompanies the score.

But I’m already sliding off topic here. Which is nothing new for me. And that’s part of what I planned to address in this post in the first place.

Yes, my real goal for today was to get all personal up in here and ask you this:

How long does it take you to write a blog post?

To friends and family who are visiting only out of loyalty and who have no actual interest in blogging outside of By Any Other Name and possibly not even much interest in By Any Other Name but who steadfastly read because you know I know where you live? My apologies. You’re excused.

But to my blogging people.

I’m asking for genuine feedback because I’m worried I might be a pinch off the charts. In fact I’m beginning to think that perhaps I should reign myself in. A bit. Or maybe more.

For example, if we were pinning the tail on a “how long do you take to write a post” donkey, I’d stick the little fellow somewhere between the buck teeth and forever. Or if we were, let’s say, pinning a banana to Curious George, I’d probably end up shoving it (peel and all) in a place where it does not belong.

Like his ear. Maybe.

Although now that I’m proofreading this, I can’t help wondering who came up with the concept of blindfolding children then asking them to pin anything anywhere in the first place. The whole concept seems kind of cruel. Not to mention potentially violent. And why a donkey anyway? The poor animal is already nicknamed an ass. Or is that a mule? And which one did Sister Sara need? And how many exactly? And why wasn’t one sufficient?


I’m hoping you’ll be willing to share your time-constraints with me honestly, although I’m certain your answers will vary. Between each other and even yourselves on different days.

I mean obviously a post in which you feature an adorable picture of a sticky-faced child hurtling toward you down a playground slide with the caption “Look who didn’t pee this time!” will take fewer hours than the screed produced on the event of your One Year Blogoversary. Which is an amazing achievement and would clearly take time to do justice. And maybe there’d be cake or balloons or streamers or fireworks or some such accoutrements. You’d have to allow for extra time to complete such a post. Right?


You could give me an average estimate. Or the median. Or mode. (Is that right, math majors? And also, calculus? Really?)

Or you could offer a breakdown of times for different categories of posts, memes, vlogs, and the like. (Which is an underused phrase in my opinion.)

Or you could just say, “Congratulations on reaching the One Year Mark on your blog, Julie.”

Because I did. Reach the One Year Mark, that is.

Hooray, blogging!

And yet.

A part of me feels I haven’t earned the right to celebrate. Why? You might ask. Or maybe you don’t care, but I’ll answer the question anyway.

You see, it takes me so long to pin those damn tails and/or bananas on whatever party animals have shown up on my closet door that I’ve only managed to publish something in the neighborhood of sixty posts.

That’s barely two month’s-worth of blogging for you Daily Doers.

And this is why I need your help. I’d appreciate your advice on productivity, on time-management, on basic blogging sanity.

No balloons. No cake. No streamers. And please please please no fireworks.

They’re illegal in California.

And also, they scare the donkey.

58 thoughts on “Today call me curious.

  1. I have about 4 different types of posts. The first are the truly epic ones where I put a ton of thought into them and go back & forth over what to include and edit and re-edit – like my thoughts on religion. I haven’t actually posted any of them, but some of them have, easily had 100 hours.

    Then there are the race recaps (which are usually the longest ones that I do actually post), and I write those up in 1-2 hours.

    The general “this is what I’m thinking and I think you’d like to read that” posts take me, always, under an hour. And the fun “stream of consciousness” and “quiz” posts take 15-20 minutes.

    But I type really, unbelievably fast.

    When I write fiction – it takes FOREVER, though – because, somewhere, there’s a line between blog and writing for me – and when I’m writing, every sentence is subject to editing at any point.

  2. Di

    As a loyal reader who has no interest in posting, but who has much interest in following your posts, I am taken aback that you have been doing this blogging for one year. All I can say is develop a blog on that pin the tail on the donkey idea, keep up the great work, and white rabbit! XXXOOO

  3. Julie

    John –

    Thanks for the feedback. I really DO want to hear what everyone has to say.

    I think over-editing may be my problem…I’m obsessive about it and constantly change the way I want to word something. Even sentences that are silly (with DONKEYS) I have read and re-worked many times. (MANY!)

    A part of me thinks it’s worth it to always put so much effort in. Then another part of me thinks I’m holding myself back.

  4. Less than an hour, but more than a half hour. Closer to one hour if a proofread or WordPress is being an ass. It happens.

    Congrats on your one-year blogoversary!! I do wish you would post every day. Or ever other day. I know I’ve said it before-just a reminder.

  5. Julie

    Di – LOVE you, lady. My most loyal reader for sure. You win the prize. But there’s no prize. Sorry.

    Bridget – I blame WordPress for a LOT of stuff around here. Like the unfolded laundry. The smell in the refrigerator. The lack of discipline with dogs and/or children. I shall henceforth begin blaming it for my slow blog progress. So, perfect! Also, I’m working on twice a week. Starting…….or…..soon. Stay tuned!

  6. I am so glad you put this question out there. It’s something I’ve wondered about many times!

    My posts often take a long time. I realize “long time” is relative. So let’s just say… If I’m truly thinking about/exploring a topic for a post that will land under the “Wonderings” category, it can take me a day or two of thinking about it, an hour (sometimes more) to write it, and then editing time on top of that. Often, my editing time requires some sleeping on it time, too. I might walk away for a few hours or overnight before editing and publishing. (Oh – and I don’t publish on a schedule. There’s part of me that would love to do that, but it’ll never work for me.)

    This whole blogging thing has not been straightforward for me. I didn’t walk into with a plan and then stick to it. I walked into it with a plan, and have since driven all over the road (how’s that for mixed, nonsensical metaphors?). I was taking so much time to write my own posts – and taking so many breaks in between, because I’ve never been a daily post-er – that I used to never participate in link-ups or memes. I felt I couldn’t participate in those if I wasn’t actually posting on a regular basis.

    These days, I participate in more social blogging activities, because that’s where a lot of the fun is for me. But even something like Wordless Wednesday takes me a while, as wordless is not my specialty. (Exhibit A: This Comment.) I try to write one or two posts each week that are more thoughtful, and more time consuming for me. The rest of the time, I attempt to post things that matter to me while not taking hours of my time. Because I guess that’s what it boils down to – I never want to post just for the sake of posting. I only write when there’s something on my mind, but I’ve finally given myself some leeway here and allow that sometimes what’s on my mind is simple. Many times, I’m not over here having Deep Thoughts (unless we’re talking the Jack Handy kind, in which case that’s practically all I think) all day, ever day. So if I’m in a light mood and my post is light on content, that’s finally okay with me.

    Oh lawd. I’ve lost my train of thought and my point. Hopefully something in there makes sense. As for Pin the Tail on the Donkey, I found it terrifying as a child, because I had to go up there alone while everyone was watching. Panic.

    And finally, congratulations on One Year! I’m only sad I wasn’t reading you for that entire year. So if your analytics show a weirdo lurking around, reading every page? It’s just me.

  7. Julie

    Oh, Missy how I love you.

    You took MANY of those words right out of my mouth – particularly with participating in link-ups and memes. If I only post once a week, I don’t want it to be for someone else’s theme (even the really awesome ones!) because then I’m never generating my own content. And stuff.

    So I skip a lot of the fun. And then feel bad. (How is that for some elevated language?)

    Anyway, I’m in danger of repeating everything you said so I’ll just say thank you. And I am going to try to emulate your plan of producing a thoughtful (time-consuming) post once a week, and then maybe also participating in the good stuff I’ve been missing.

    That is if I’m not too busy tracking down the new stalker I have… 😉

  8. KGM

    Non-blogging-engineer-sister-in-law here: what the hell is a meme?

    And, btw, I love your posts and find your word usage brilliant and hysterical/poignant/both. If that means you have to edit them to death, I’m OK with that. 🙂

  9. Julie

    KGM –

    First I was laughing when I read this. Then I realized I don’t have a GREAT definition of “meme” because I don’t really know the etymology of the word…

    But I THINK a meme is a weekly “theme-based” post where other bloggers are encouraged to link up their posts that they’ve published at their own sites.

    It also could be a weekly theme-based post that other bloggers write on behalf of the hosting blogger as a guest post.

    I think.

    So you see, I really don’t know either. I just like the word meme.
    (Except I don’t. It makes me uncomfortable to say it out loud.)


  10. Abby

    I second everything KGM said! I will also sleep much better tonight now that I know what a “meme” is–thanks, KGM!

    I love reading your posts; they make me laugh, some have made me cry and I love that you somehow have this ability to articulate what I wish I could about motherhood, life, etc. I suppose that is why you’re the writer and I’m the…the…the “cousin-in-law” from Denver? Is that accurate, in a familial sense? Not sure, but what the hell…

    Congratulations on your one-year blogging milestone, by the way!

  11. Congrats on the one year mark, Julie! Woohoo. I’m throwing virtual confetti, which is so NOW given the sorry state of the earth.

    I do a lot of composing in my head. And I write quickly. So, not too long.

    Some posts take me nearly no time (see today’s 76-word dialogue post). Others longer (especially guest posts). It’s rare that I will spend more than an hour on a post, though. My average is likely 30 minutes to write, 15 minutes to edit, 15 minutes to find graphics, links, schedules. I do go over this sometimes. But keep in mind that most of my posts are under 500 words…often under 300.

    I also record things in my Moleskin all the time, so I almost always start with a fragment of something written.

    Happy Year 2!

  12. OH OH! I read an article in the Smithsonian about memes. Disclaimer: the writing is crappy, like most articles in the Smithsonian. Frankly I hate that magazine, I read it out of desperation. My parents subscribe to it. Tell me I’m not alone in the opinion of it’s crappywritingness? Anyway I read this article and

    you’re welcome. We were talking about how long it takes to blog right?

    It takes me at LEAST 30 minutes. That’s when I’m posting a photo of my kids with a cute caption. You see, I get distracted by google and facebook and twitter. But I hate twitter. I can’t help it. Oh, and Pinterest. I love Pinterest though.

    When I’m actually trying to write something good, it takes about three hours…usually spaced over some days…and by spaced I mean “living in my head and on napkins”. I have a great sentence I’m waiting to use “They stop wearing clothes at four p.m.” but I haven’t had time to work it out. So I guess the answer is: Constantly. I’m constantly blogging. I think of it as “writing” and “being creative” and then I don’t feel guilty.

    I type super fast, so that’s helpful. Also? I used to blog A LOT , like every other day to every day. The quality was subpar on most of them. I find that blogging 1 to 2 times a week makes my content richer, and no one needs to visit my blog everyday. Really. I don’t have cool recipes or DIY or photography tips. Just words. Once a week is more than most magazines…right? Is the Smithsonian weekly, because maybe that explains something….

    I love your blog. I think the content is ALWAYS good. Don’t worry about it.

  13. p.s. happy bloggiversary. I don’t celebrate mine. Too much work + i forgot the exact date when I started, but I wrote two crappy posts and then took a year off so really whats the point of keeping track.

  14. I kill the freakin’ donkey! My post times are so erratic that my “pins” extend from the literal ass to the buck teeth. PETA would be all over my (non-animal) ass for abuse.

    It depends on how many kids, animals or the single husband I have circling vulture style around my creative zen. No, forget that. I don’t have anything resembling zen in this life. It’s a crank it out by shot gun spray or kill the donkey mode. Which is why my posts are also erratic. Feast or famine.

    Is donkey edible?

  15. Julie

    Leanne, JoAnn, and Beth ~

    I. Love. You.

    You make this whole crazy ride worthwhile.

    Thank you so much.


    p.s. Abby – I love love love that I’m related to you. AND you are so cool. Which is so beyond fabulous I don’t know how I got so lucky. You get your own shout out here because you’re married to a Gardner. Oh yeah. XOXO

  16. First, happy blogoversary! Second, I love that it takes you forever – it’s why your posts are GOOD. Hell, it takes me forever too, anywhere from 2 hrs (short) to 4+. But honestly, it takes me more time to come up with great ideas for a post – a week to two weeks and I ALWAYS feel like I have writer’s block. Then when I have an idea, I sketch it out with thoughts and bust it out.

    So moral is – take your time, publish good stuff, don’t be a daily-doer, please god, DON’T.

  17. Happy 1st Blogoversary!

    I’m one of those annoying daily doers (except for weekends), so I’m probably also one of those people who write more subpar posts than good ones. I shall however, weigh in on this discussion, just so you get the other side of things.

    If I have an idea, I write posts in about 20-30 minutes, and spend another 20-30 minutes rereading and editing. I don’t always publish right away so I go back and have another read or two, and I may or may not spend another 10 minutes editing.

    Sometimes, I have very vague post ideas and type a sentence or a few words and save it as a draft. Often I revisit it and have no idea where my idea was supposed to take me, so I leave it. If I am inspired by those words, then as above. 20-30 minutes writing, 20-30 minutes editing.

    Food and photography posts are quicker, as I already have the photos ready, and in the case of food, the recipe on hand.

    I have considered posting less, but for now, the urge to do so still presents itself so I do. If someone doesn’t like it, then they don’t read it, that is all.

    Your content is always superb. I can tell you put a lot of time into it and it’s much appreciated. In other words, I love the heck out of your blog.

  18. Julie Julie Julie:

    Unlike our friend Ms. Leanne Shirtliffe who has the ability to whip off amazingness in 45 nano-seconds, I am turtle-slow. No, even the turtles pass me. I’m slower than snails. I’m slower than a pencil just sitting on a desk. Seriously, it feels like that sometimes.

    But here’s the thing.

    It’s about quality.

    Some people write every day, and I’m kinda like. Oy, enough. That’s not even funny or good.

    But every single time I see “You have a new post from Julie C. Gardner,” I actually giggle a little. Or out loud. I did that once. For real. I kind of squealed, but I’ve learned that people think that is weird.

    Your stuff is fantastic. Every time.

    So don’t worry how long it is going to take you.

    It’s like our books that we are working on.

    They are going to get published.

    Some day.

    But we are slow.

    And you are awesome.

    Way awesomer than I am.

    So happy blogoversary, my friend.

    Don’t sweat the stats. Just keep doing what you are doing.

  19. Happy Anniversary!

    I spend varying amounts, so I’ll give you what I believe to be a ROUGH average time. Probably from start to finish, including rough draft, picture insertion, editing, editing, editing, it’s about 60-90 minutes per post. I like to have really rough drafts that I’ll do in 15 minutes, then I’ll expound, go back, go back again, etc.

    Hope this helps! And great question.

  20. Congratulations!! Awesome!!

    How long does it take me to write a post? About 1/2 an hour on average. I think.

  21. Mine take about 10 to 15 minutes unless I am posting tons of pictures and then blogger can sometimes take forever. I write down thoughts for the What i Know For Sure posts when I think of something but mostly I sit and it is off the cuff. Obviously if you read me…bad grammar, and random run on sentences kinda like this reply. You are welcome. Congrats on 1 yr… I think you are the bombdiggity.

  22. PS I think in bloglish always thinking that’d be a good blog topic. I am often mistaken. 😉

  23. Sometimes when I’m inspired I sit down, fingers fly, I set a publish time, DONE. Other times it is a painfully long process of reading, editing, changing, editing, rereading, thinking about it, etc. I think it fluctuates on any number of conditions, including if I have my period! LOL

  24. First of all, each one of your posts are full of entertainment, info, humor and life….so I say it’s ok to take your time writing them. I sure do look forward to reading each one. Good stuff all up in here!

    How long do I take to write a blog? I take about two hours on the average for the writing and editing. Most of the time is spent, however, on the “thinking” up what I want to blog about. That sometimes takes days and sometimes just pops in my head.
    However, IF I’m attempting a fiction piece, I’m much more organized and take a lot longer. That’s cause I have to dispense with the B.S. that normally comes so easy to me. Ahem…..

  25. CDG

    Whatever I told you about my post times, I’d be lying.

    Happy Year!

    And for the record? Sixty thoughtful and well-crafted pieces trumps 365 hacked out blurbs anyday. Call yourself One of C’s favorite reads and have a cupcake. And some wine.

  26. Happy Blogoversary to you, Happy Blogoversary to you, Happy Blogoversary dear Julie, Happy Blogoversary to you!! 🙂

    I’m brand new to blogging so you should probably just move right past my comment because I’m sure I’m no help…BUT I’m going to give it to you anyways since you asked.

    I’m random. Like really random. My thoughts follow this randomness. So I will get an idea for a post while driving, shopping, going to the bathroom etc. Usually it is when they boys are awake and all I have time to do is write done the title and a few key points. Then I will write in the evenings after it is quiet. I can usually finish up a post in 20 minutes and then edit it for 10 minutes or so. But I’ve always been like this. In college I could sit down and type out a paper in an hour, briefly proof read for spelling errors and be done.

    I’m not sure what that says about the quality of my writing. But there you have it! :o)

  27. Julie

    Oh I should have KNOWN I could count on all you good people for excellent advice.

    I feel better already…

    I was certain there was something REALLY wrong with me. And now I know the truth: There’s actually something wrong with ALL of us.

    I still don’t know how some of you do it. I never will.

  28. It totally depends for me. Depends on the amount of time I have and what I’m writing about. If I am linking up a real writing post, i.e. for The Red Dress Club or Write on Edge and I know others will be linking and reading it and giving constructive criticism, I spend a heck of a lot more time, a few days, usually. If it’s a random regular post? Usually get it done in one day, over a few hours. I’ll save a draft a few times, walk away and do other things for a few hours, come back and finish, etc…

    Do not worry. Posting every day or more often just because you feel like you should or have to? Isn’t what blogging is about. I haven’t blogged since 8/22. It’s definitely weighing on me, but I’ve been tired and pregnant and busy and uninspired….lol.


  29. Happy Blogoversary! I’m so glad I found you out in the big wide world of blogging.

    I have a wide range of how long it takes me to write a post. My humor posts will take 1-2 hours minimum, some longer. If I’m writing a more touchy feely post, about the same. I have a really hard time writing short posts (I need to be better about this) which I’m sure would cut my writing time down. When I do tutorials about blogging and such, with a video component, I knock those out in less than an hour. Those are the no-brainer, easy ones for me.

    What I’ve found most difficult about the last months is that I don’t have enough downtime for really funny ideas to germinate in my brain. I had a period (I call it my Renaissance) where I had a list of about 20 to 30 really awesomely funny blog topics to write about. They were just pouring out of me and while the posts took awhile to write, they were really good at the end. Now, I’m so bogged down with working for other people, I struggle with having any creative space left of my own. that’s why I’m so grateful to have snarky male commenters visiting my blog and calling me a douchebag. Without them, I’d have nothing to post about 🙂

  30. Congrats – may you have many more anniversaries so I can keep reading your posts.

    I do everything quickly, including writing posts. But maybe it only goes faster in my brain. Let’s see, cooking ones can take a good half-day so we won’t count those. Pictures with captions take about an hour because I try to choose a creative sequence with creative captions. But my favorite posts, my life posts that I’m not really known for (nor am I known for my humor, or my cooking, or for my glamorous Parisian life or my June Cleaver skills … wait the minute – what the heck am I writing about anyway?).

    Let’s start afresh – my life posts where I talk about my past and where I pour my heart and soul might take me about 2 hours with editing (plus about 5 edits after it’s already published where I obsessively read what is written).

  31. Julie – Congratulations on 1 year of blogging. This is a really good question. I’m looking forward to reading all the responses and seeing where I fall. Hey – maybe you could put a chart together of all your findings…(just kidding).

    I think about most of my posts for days and weeks. I have post-its all over my office, notes in my phone, and scraps of paper in my wallet all with possible titles, topics, etc. Because blogging off the top of my head always ends badly. Always.

    Once I start writing though, I can probably write it in one hour. Then I’ll edit for another hour (max – sometimes less) and put it away. A day or two later I’ll spend another hour literally deleting at least half of the post and viola – it’s done.

    So, a maximum of three hours. What’s the shortest amount of time I’ve ever spent? I have no idea. Probably somewhere around two hours and thirty-eight minutes.

    I only blog once per week because I realized that’s how many good blog ideas I have in my brain. Everything after post #1 just stinks.

    Hope that helps. I love your blog. I would read it if you transcribed the phone book. Because you would do that in only the way Julie can.

  32. Great question Julie – of course my answer is all over the place too. I’ve been blogging for 3 years and when I first started blogging it would take me all day to write a blog post. I tend to blather on and my posts are more often than not quite long (around 1200 words) and I’ve been trying to cut them in half (or at least to 700) but getting to the point has never been my strength.

    I get paid to write a Friday slice of life column parenting (or you know, mommy blog) that keeps one of my kids in cafeteria lunches. Usually I will pound out my Friday column super fast – which for me is about an hour, other times it will take longer – but never more than 3 hours. My Friday column isn’t very good.

    But my blog – which I force myself to write every Monday (I’ve never been a daily blogger either) can take anywhere from one and a half hours (when I’ve procrastinated and start writing it at 5AM to post before I head off to work) to all damn day on Sunday followed by an hour or so edit on Monday morning. You truly can tell the quality of my work in the posts that take me the longest to write. They have been edited and re-edited and then they are probably still not done, but I post them anyway just because I have no more time to spend on them. Sometimes it takes me a really long time to even think of something worth writing about. And sometimes I write about something not worth writing about. Those posts suck ass!

    Keep doing what you are doing because you are certainly doing it right. You writing is thoughtful and superb – thank God it takes you a long time to write. If you were able to pound your words out in less than an hour I’d have to stop following you. Out of bitter jealousy. You are the bomb Julie! (BTW – my daughter tell me not to use words like “the bomb” because it just shows how uncool I am. Oh well, she doesn’t read my blog or my comments on blogs!)

  33. Sweet Julie- happy blogoversary! Your posts make my day- truly. so don’t you dare change a thing about them!

    Ahem. Now that I’m all done being bossy, here’s what I’ve got-

    I read different bloggers for different reasons- short and snappy, yummy recipes, snarky, I just like them, their writing knocks my socks off.

    You? Knock my socks off. If that *didn’t* take time- I might not adore you as much as I do!


  34. It takes me a LONG time. Like two to three days long. I only post 1-2 times a week because of it and I am trying to be okay with that. Because I want my posts to not read “I need a post today!! OMG, what will everyone say if I don’t publish Every. Single. Day!!! I won’t be considered a real blogger!!!!” And if I forced the posts out of me and onto the computer screen that is exactly what they would scream. Loudly.

  35. I spend no longer than probably 30 min total on a post. It’s not worth it to me. I don’t get paid and I’m not using my blog as a jump off for a writing career. I usually work on posts on my lunch as to justify blotting at work. I do spend more time on my celeb posts. Reason i don’t spend more time? The baby currently asleep on my chest 😉

  36. Julie

    Amanda –

    There is no better reason than that baby on your chest…NONE!

    I have said repeatedly that I don’t know how you guys with little ones do it ~ but you seem to have the right answer for sure…

    As much as I have wished that I’d had a blog when Jack and Karly were young (to document all the perfection, right?!) I don’t think I would have had the work ethic and balance you (and so many of the other bloggers whom I love) demonstrate.

    I’m in awe.
    But quietly.

    I don’t want to wake that baby 😉


  37. One, happy belated blogiversary! Congrats for making it to a year. I’m so glad to have your words to read, however often they may come.

    Two, I don’t have answers for you that are different than your other commenters but I would make one recommendation: try Fadra’s stream of consciousness meme. You set the timer and write for 5 minutes, no editing. Its quite freeing.

    BTW, I don’t know how long its been since I’ve written a quality post, so I may not be a good resource.

  38. When it comes to plain old posts, I’m done (proofing and all) in an hour. And it shows. I find errors that make my English-teacher heart crawl into the fetal position.

    When it comes to fiction or “writery” TRDC type stuff, it maybe takes two hours.

    Back when my kids napped, I posted daily. But the quality kinda was…well…bad. Now, I post less often, but I usually like what I post.

    You, my friend, are always magic.

  39. Happy anniversary!

    I have no clue how long it takes me… I guess it just depends on what I’m writing about. And if I save it in drafts and rework it a million times or if I just hit post.

  40. No fireworks – well that is like so not fun and a bunch of crap because I totally want to do some bottle rockets in old cheap Coors Light or MGD bottles…just in your honor tonight. WOOT! First to find someone to drink the cheap beer….

    Oh my answer – two minutes. Kidding. But I will say I want it to take as little time as humanly possible but still be good. How’s that? Mainly because I like my kids and my sleep..and of course reality TV and none of those shall interfere with blogging.

  41. First, I admit I was terrified to read responses from your other commenters because I thought I would feel such a failure by comparison. So I am relieved to see a large range of timings and opinions.

    “They say” it should take no more than an hour. But “They” are also the people who brought you “never wear white after labor day” and “never leave the house with holes in your underwear as you might get hit by a car and then humiliate your family for all eternity”. Perhaps that last one isn’t as well known. Anyhoo, I don’t take much stock in what “they” say.

    Frankly it takes me, what’s the word, oh yes, a SHITLOAD of time to write a blog post. This last one for example? Told myself, 1.5 hours, with writing & editing & looking for some pics, it took six. So you see my time management skills are quite impressive. Frankly, it’s a wonder I leave the house in the morning. Come to think of it, I don’t. Never met an afternoon I didn’t like.

    Where were we? Ah yes, you with the sixty posts. I too have been doin’ it for a little under a year, and I think that number is dandy. At least you are consistent. Once a week. Yes, I know there are those beasts of content generating god knows how many posts a week. But you are you Julie my dear. And that is enough in my book. More than enough, and oh-so-talented to boot. (I wonder where the hell “to boot” comes from? Great, now I’ll have to look it up which will undoubtedly distract me from some blog post I haven’t gotten to yet.)

    As I writer, I personally think the issue is quality over quantity. Now, I KNOW I should try to make my posts shorter, but that too is something I haven’t really mastered. We are all works in progress. What can I say? You are about words, wonderful words. How long it takes you to write them and edit them is unique to you. As long as you remember to feed your children once a week, it seems to me that what you’re doing is just dandy.

    BE PROUD OF YOU! I know I am. Congratulations my friend. xoxo

  42. liz

    I’m not fast. I know some people (like KLZ) who can bang out a post in no time.

    I think I’m on the slower side, but I don’t really know the range.

    We had a client who told us 1 post takes her 14 hours. Does that make you feel better?

  43. Courtney

    You are my only blog interest but I am commenting anyways because we don’t get to communicate nearly enough. : ) There is plenty of garbage out there in the blog world that isn’t worth the time it takes to click on the page. So far you are the only blog I find worthy of my limited time resources and you never fail to make me laugh. I think you are doing everything right – on the schedule that is working for you. It appears there is no right answer forthcoming beyond the one in your gut that has been guiding you so well for the last year. Trust those instincts because your instincts are good. (Instincts is a weird word – makes me think of stinky bugs… hmmm)

  44. First off, congrats on your anniversary. You should be proud.

    Regarding your question, it took me waaaaay to long to write many of my posts (hours) because I treated them like vignettes and crafted stories, etc, etc. And then I would get like 8 comments and think, “I did all that for 8 comments?” and meanwhile my house was still a mess, the laundry was dirty, and my novel lay there, not started (a paradox, yes?)

    Even my ‘easy’ posts like my ‘Journal Rant’ (which by the way, I read your comment and I am now boycotting stupid Lauren Weis-whats-her-face. And the only reason the publishers publish her crappy novels now are because of Devil/Prada; which is unfair to better authors who won’t get a shot because they are paying Lauren for snoozy stories). What was I saying? Oh yeah, my Journal Rant took me at least 4 hours, mostly to get the damn pictures downloaded and configured, etc, and then Blogger was acting up and I had to redo it…grrrr

    So I got frustrated that it was never short and easy, which I why I scaled way back. I am in a calmer place now because of it!

  45. Congratulations on your one year!

    It takes me between 10 minutes and an hour to write a post. The easy ones are when I have an idea already laid out and it’s easy. Longer ones are how to’s or information posts. Those always take longer for me. I think sometimes the longest part is editing.

  46. So, you are well aware of my epic War and Peace posts. I think I’m with you in that pin on the donkey. Which by the way, my girls always cried when they missed the donkey’s tail by a mile, so that game was out the window pretty quickly in my party game repertoire.

    I think you’re looking at this the wrong way. You and I are a lot alike. Our blogs are our stories. They aren’t a few lines here or there. Each post has a beginning, middle and end. And we sweat and slave over those words until that story is exactly to our liking. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    Your stories are lovely, eloquent, full of the charm that makes up you and I certainly wouldn’t want to see it any other way. And by the looks of your copious amount of responders, I’d say they feel the same way.

    It’s not about how long the story takes. It’s not about how much you post. It’s about the story. And you, my dear, tell a story like no other.

    Happy Blogaversary. Keep those beautiful posts coming.

  47. Gotta say, I only committed to one post a week and I’ve reposted maybe 5 times in the 18 months I’ve been doing it. I can crank out my posts in between 20 and 30 minutes. But by the time I proof read it (snort yeah right) find a photo and a recipe I’m in for about an hour.

    What takes up so much time is cruising by my followers and commenter sites and leaving a few thoughts.

  48. Courtney

    (I like Joann Mannix – the gal seems to know what she is talking about!) XOXO

  49. Well, I know it may SEEM like I’m quick because I post daily but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    I write quickly but I edit like crazy. My editing takes longer than the writing by far. And then once I finally think I’m finished, suddenly I realize I need a chart. And this picture needs some retouching. And that caption could be so much funnier. And I should totally edit a video montage for the next five to six hours!

    I can’t stop. It’s a sickness. I guarantee if you are ever up late at night blogging, I am up late at night blogging too.

  50. Like every other facet of my life, I have absolutely no game plan when it comes to blogging. Shocking, I know. I’ve tried to be regimented about posting, but it doesn’t work for me. When something hits me, and I have some time, I write. A post usually takes a couple hours because I’m incredibly anal about what I want to put out there for public consumption. And I get distracted easily.

  51. Do me a favor, and pass these comments on to me.

    I have NO idea how people do it.

    I’m hoping most of these comments don’t start with, “Since I began my medication…”

  52. I take HOURS, Julie. It varies. If I’m writing a quick “Wife Words” that I’ve just started doing, those take minutes because those are basically stream of consciousness words I would have just put in a tweet but realize they’d be funny on my site. But for my actual essays, I’d say it takes me a couple of hours each night over a few nights a week. So, 6 hours sometimes after editing. I only post once a week to allow for that otherwise I’d be swallowed by the enormity of the work.

    Whatever you’re doing is working.

  53. Happy Blogaversary!

    My blog posts take longer than I’d like–I have less writing time available right now, and I fret about taking time away from my WIP to blog twice/week. Still, I want my posts to be examples of the kind of writing I do (or am capable of doing). I think of my posts as essays, rather than journal entries, so they require more of my time.

    If YOU are enjoying your blog posts as much as we readers are, then the time you spend on them is definitely worthwhile. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the next year’s worth.

  54. Julie

    I have the best commenters. The best.

    You people rule!

    (And not just because you tell me I’m entertaining. Mostly.)

  55. Writing posts can take from 15 minutes to three hours. Ironically, some of my most commented posts were the quickest to write. I try to do one long post a week. Looking for pics actually takes longer because I’m cheap and only use creative commons.

    And sometimes I write a post that I don’t publish because I’m trying to protect the guilty … me.

  56. Congrats on the year! That’s big, it really is…CELEBRATE.
    You give good content.

    And…I’m clearly doing something wrong. I spend between 20-45 minutes on a post. Which is probably why they suck donkey balls. I just cannot spend longer…I’m already overextended…

    But maybe if I spend a little extra time, i could write posts that rock like yours do.

    Food for thought.


  57. Perhaps you should be asking me how often I write at all or read. Clearly I read in chunks these days, or feel chunky or think my writing blows chunks… I digress. Sort of.

    My posts typically take less than an hour (including finding trite pics as I sometimes do). I write when I am inspired and then the post partically jumps out of my warped brain!

    Perhaps if I wrote less, but put in more effort, I would feel better about it. They way I feel about every delicious (this is my new buzz word, please adopt – hmmm.. I think I just inspired a post) post you write. They are divine perfection. It’s about quality not quantity baby! Besides, the guilt of getting that far behind if you had daily genius would kill me. To save Paige (she really does need saving), be kinder to yourself!

  58. I am so glad you posted this. I know it was about you, but this is a huge wake up call for me. I have been posting a lot of crap lately because I have gotten lazy. The feedback I see here from the bloggers I respect the most, I know to be true, which is to focus on the quality of your posts not frequency. I have never been a daily poster, but someone at Blogher advised me to try and post at least once more a week and it totally shows. Specifically, though, it still takes me at the minimum 1.5 hours to write a post. More if it’s actually funny.

    Also, I could have sworn I signed up for email subscriptions to your blog, but I haven’t been getting them. Can you check on your end? I too, know that when you do post, it’s going to be great.

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