Three Months

Has it really been that long?

13 weeks. 92 days.

2208 hours.

A lot can happen in three months.

For instance

You can sign a book deal with Velvet Morning Press to publish your first novel.

You can awaken the following day and discover you’re still a woman with laundry to fold and dishes to scrape and chin hairs.

You can throw a Sweet Sixteen party to celebrate your daughter on the 4th of July but you call it a Happy Birthday Everyone party because your son also has a birthday this summer and three of your daughter’s friends also have birthdays this summer and your friend’s boyfriend’s twins also have birthdays this summer and they are all at your daughter’s party but it is also America’s birthday (every summer) and your daughter doesn’t like attention (ever).

You can adopt a puppy so that the number of dogs in your house (three) exceeds the number of adults (two) and children (two).

You can sit in the passenger seat while your daughter drives you to her behind-the-wheel test.

You can pretend to be thrilled when she becomes a licensed driver.

You can watch her drive away without an adult in the car and you can try not to worry.

You can worry.

You can acknowledge that your son has turned 18 without even asking if that’s okay with you.

You can deny that the number of adults in your house actually equals the number of dogs.

You can curse math.

You can help your son fill out his first college application.

You can freak when you realize his first college application is for a school 1,925.2 miles away.

You can message your blog friend and ask her, “How cold does it really get in Minnesota?” and she will promise she won’t let your son get frostbite and she will tell you to buy him mittens because they are warmer than gloves and she will also offer you a place to stay for a visit if the time comes.

You can decide your blog friends are still there for you and always awesome even though you haven’t written a new post in 61 days.

You can rejoice that you didn’t send your son to kindergarten until he was six so you are filling out college applications instead of dropping him off at college. (Note to self: One year to buy mittens.)

You can hire a College Financial Advisor for better financial planning in Scottsdale, because you remember you never saved money for college.

You can visit a winery with your husband after your first College Financial Planning meeting because maybe you can’t afford to pay for both your kids to go to college but you can afford a single glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

You can realize you’re writing your post in a list format and feel like a hypocrite.

You can pause and drink another cup of coffee to get over the hypocrisy (caffeine is good for this and so is Cabernet Sauvignon but not at nine o’ clock in the morning).

You can receive from your publisher (at five o’clock one morning when you’re awake with the puppy) a preliminary picture of the book cover for your first novel.

You cannot stop staring at it.

You can remember that in between folding laundry, scraping dishes, and plucking chin hairs you have signed a book deal for your first novel and that your deadline for submitting your revised manuscript is September 1.

You can work endlessly on revising your manuscript because you understand for the first time that these are the ACTUAL WORDS PEOPLE WILL READ when they buy your book.

You can panic that people won’t buy your book.

You can panic that people will buy your book.

You can think about these people, the ones who have encouraged you over the years and proclaimed you are a great writer and cheered you on and crossed their fingers and hoped with you and prayed for you.

You can picture them opening your book and reading THE ACTUAL WORDS and loving them.

You can picture them opening your book and reading THE ACTUAL WORDS and being disappointed.

You can panic again.

You can breathe then and remind yourself that, in the grand scheme of things, a disappointed reader is not the worst thing in the world and it’s a much bigger deal that your son turned 18 and is applying to colleges and that your daughter turned 16 and is a licensed driver and that your three-month-old puppy is close to sleeping through the night (which is a much bigger deal at five in the morning when you are sleep-deprived) and that at least you can still afford a glass of Cabernet.

You can almost forget what you were panicking about.

Was it chin hair?



Oh. Right.

A lot can happen in three months.

p.s. I promise to share details about my upcoming book when I can. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of Scout sleeping in Jack’s shoe.



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34 thoughts on “Three Months

  1. Lots of emotions in this one, my friend. I can’t wait to see the cover and read your words. I really loved your description of the birthday party for everyone <3 I'm glad you were able to celebrate a sweet sixteen — plus lots of other birthdays — for your girl in a way that made her comfortable.

  2. Congratulations! I’m thrilled to learn your first novel will be published. And I’ll be one of the many who will look forward to buying your book and reading THE ACTUAL WORDS!

  3. OMG I will buy the mittens so you don’t have to worry about. And there will also be some cabernet and coffee on hand for you here at your new vacation home in Minnesota. So excited for you!!!!!!!! I WANT TO READ IT NOW!!!! Or maybe I’ll have to put my head in a shoe and cry. Or sleep.

  4. I am so excited about your book. I cannot wait to hold it in my hands and read it and love it. I already have the space ready on my Special Shelf of Books by People I Know.

    As for the driver and the senior…I have nothing except denial that I’ll ever be in the same boat. My children will, of course, stay elementary school age for the next twenty or so years. *hugs*

  5. I had to refrain from screaming out loud at the book cover part. I am on the edge of my seat for the release. And college! Eek!

    You know that you HAVE to come to France now, right?

  6. You give me hope that it all can be done! And that I can handle the future, when my kids get EVEN older. Time, man.

    So excited for your book!!

  7. Di

    You never, ever cease to amaze me. My being by your side for all of the events listed has been a true joy and I can’t wait to see what comes next. Of course, you forgot to mention that your doorbell’s ring is certainly appropriate for the July 4th celebration. XXXOOO

  8. I am beyond overjoyed for you, for sweet beautiful you. I owe you a big email of catching up. I did not give this post the attention it deserves, bc I am at a business thing w/my husband and I am rushing around a hotel room trying to get ready, but I’ll be back to read your, as always, stunning words. Congratulations my wonderful friend. I can’t wait for your novel.

  9. Jen

    Your actual “actual words” are always so beautiful, so true, & so eloquent. I have no doubt that the ones written in your book will be also. I share your joy, my friend, & understand your panic. And I will buy you that glass of Cabernet when your kids start college. Who am I kidding? How about a bottle? Love you!

  10. Courtney

    Just – wow! Love you J.C.

  11. pat starrett

    I am so excited about your book! We all knew it would happen!!!
    So I will arrange a book event for you at the Linden Tree!
    I hope your publisher will allow you to do that, will they arrange
    a book tour for you? I know three other book stores nearby.
    Can’t wait to read it! And cheers for being a wonderful woman!

  12. Bailey

    I am so excited to hear more details about your book! Congratulations! My daughter is turning two next month and I already have anxiety about her growing up too fast. I am sure it is so wonderful though to develop a different type of relationship with your kids that comes with them maturing. Good luck with everything!

  13. Magnificent. (I can’t wait to read it.)

  14. LOVE!!!!!! everything about this post. Screw the list thing. So many goodies and loved them all. Even the chin hair. (Okay, maybe not that.)

    Congratulations on so much. Can’t wait to find out more!!!!


  15. Emily Neumann

    I cannot wait to read that book!!!

  16. Kristi

    You will have 2 people to back you up and provide winter gear in Minnesota! And read your book, and we can commiserate about our 18 year olds and try to imagine how that happened . And drink wine !

  17. Donna

    Believe me, your mom and I know “chin hairs”. I am not a reader (except, of course, “50 Shades of Grey”. But, I will make one more exception, and read your book when it is ready. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. NannyK

    At what time of the day IS cabernet sauvignon good for getting over hypocrisy? It’s not for me. I just like to be prepared, should anyone ask 🙂

    • julie


      I would say after noon.
      Before then wine just puts me back to sleep.


  19. NannyK

    “You can think about these people, the ones who have encouraged you over the years and proclaimed you are a great writer and cheered you on and crossed their fingers and hoped with you and prayed for you.”

    I am so proud to be among THESE PEOPLE! I ALWAYS WILL BE!! Love you, Julie Poolie <3

  20. So excited for you! I cannot wait to get my hands on your book. And let’s not talk about college. I’m having a hard enough time with kindergarten.

  21. Kir

    A BOOK! A Book with your words and you stories! I can’t wait.
    As for all the other…three months is a long time. A long time to live through things. I have been talking about this all week, the fact that I have so many changes coming soon. Ones that are sure to knock the breath out of me for a time and yet I know that when I’d rather just put my head in a shoe or crawl under those crisp, soft sheets and sleep it all away I need, instead, to live THROUGH it. What is that saying…”He never gives you more than you can handle?” and I believe it’s true. He just likes to give it to me all at once sometimes so that I can’t run or sleep or hide. I must live through it all.

    To come out the other side, where I know people and friendships like you are waiting for me.

    Love you so! Congratulations my friend. XOXO

  22. Jessica

    I am so so excited for you. Your book in our hands soon. I can’t wait.

  23. If you can write a post in list form, then I can make this tired comment: “Squee!”

  24. Jen

    You are amazing! Congratulations!!! So happy for you and will always read anything you write no matter how long between blog posts or books. Yours in fluttering heart and over caffeinated fingers, Jen

  25. Julie, I can’t tell you how beyond thrilled I was to read this post, oh wait, I can tell you – congratulations on your novel being published! And your next one coming up! This is fantastic news and I’m so very happy for you. This is the dream, or one of them, and I’m so glad it’s coming true for you. I cannot wait to hear MORE!

  26. Cannot way to see that cover and more importantly, read that book!

  27. HO. Lee. Shit.


    I cannot wait to read said book.

    But onto the other things: I’m convinced that there will never, ever be enough money for college. I’m just hopeful that my kids realize that, as they pay back their student loans, the money I spent in keeping them well-stocked in video games and food and toys . . . well, that could have gone toward their tuition (that said, I’m fairly certain CJ is joining the armed services . . . which I have mixed feelings about, but, still, makes “paying for college” easier).

    Mittens are MUCH warmer than gloves. Much, much warmer.

    Dogs are wonderful. Though I only have one at the moment . . . and work has been so crazy lately that I’ve been grumpy all the time, therefore he acts “especially guilty” (because, I’m certain, in his doggy sense, he’s certain that my grumpy mood is his fault) almost all the time, which makes me feel guilty. Monday is Labor Day & I’m thinking of taking a long hike along the Appalachian Trail & I’ll take him . . . that will clear this guilt spiral, methinks.

    Lastly, you write? Be it the day after a post or two years after a post, and we read. Going back to the book deal . . . see, some of us really like the way you turn a phrase.

  28. 1. Congrats on your book! I will read the audio version!
    2. Minnesota is cold as hell. I should know I live here and the little hairs in your nose freeze into icicles.
    3. People will love your book.
    4. Which college?
    5. When your kids leave, it sucks. I send them chocolate chip cookies and cry at the post office.
    6. You are a super star.
    7. That’s all.
    Love from Duluth, MN.

    • julie

      University of Minnesota!
      I had NO idea how many friends I have in that state.
      I’m the luckiest mom, friend, blogger.

      Now I just have to learn how to bake decent chocolate chip cookies.

  29. A BOOK! By YOU!! I can’t wait to read it.
    I love your puppy and I totally have puppy envy.

  30. It took you 3 months to write it and took me a week to get around to reading it. Wait. That didn’t come out right. (It’s been a busy week.)

    You already know how I feel about the book deal. And your beautiful words (even in list form). And beautiful you. So I will just copy Kim and say, SQUEEE!

    xoxo my awesome writer (make that novelist) friend!

  31. I am SO excited about your book! I will read it, I know I will love it, and I will definitely tell everyone to buy it.

    How is it you age in reverse by the way? That you look younger while your children dare to grow up and do things like drive and go to college?

  32. I meant to comment here ages ago when I read it. I often read on my phone and it gives me a hard time when I try to comment. Grrrr.

    I am so over the moon for you. The part about the panic if no one reads my book and then OMG people will read my book – I felt the same way. Your words are meant to be seen and heard and felt. I wish you all that is good and bright as you move forward. Julieeee, you’re going to be a published author!!! Cheers to you, my friend.

    Oh, and I love love this post.

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