But I don’t even own any lipstick…

True story.

So when asked to take a picture to promote this book

lipstick cover


I had to borrow  lip gloss from my daughter Karly.

(Although I’d like to think she doesn’t wear this color on her own mouth very often.)

Still, I was determined to work something out for an author bio picture because ohmigosh someone (and by “someone” I mean the amazing Leslie Marinelli) let me be in this book.

I decided I probably needed some nail polish (also borrowed from Karly) and then I dragged a blue bandanna out of Bill’s sock drawer. He wears them to keep the sweat off his brow while running so you can imagine how much I loved tying this onto my own head.

But it was worth it because y’all? I’m a published author.

lipstick on my teeth

What’s the book about, you ask? I’m so glad you did. Here’s a blurb from the back cover because I’m still reeling from the bandanna and can’t find the right words to say it myself:

“You Have Lipstick on Your Teeth” is a hilarious collection of true tales by women, for women, about being women—bodily changes, relationships, careers, motherhood, aging, illness, and more—written with the humor and grit that proudly sets In The Powder Room apart.

But be forewarned: we’re holding nothing back. We’re revealing our funniest deep dark secrets—because it’s through our most vulnerable and honest moments that we forge the strongest connections and discover we aren’t so alone after all.

I still can’t believe Leslie picked me, but she can’t back out now because TOO LATE!

For a list of all the fabulous authors in this anthology, visit at In The Powder Room.

And to order the book (because you KNOW you want to) visit my author page at Amazon.

That’s right. I have a freakin’ author page. Who knew I could make one of those?

Well, apparently my mother always believed in me.

And probably Bill, although he does NOT know I borrowed his bandanna for this picture yet. Do you think he’ll forgive me?

I do.

Because he looks so much better in it than his wife. With or without the lipstick.

True story.

Now please. At the risk of sounding needy, go buy this book here so I can start saving up for my own lipstick and nail polish. (I think my bandanna days are officially over, though.)

I really do love you all.

And a huge thank you to the co-authors. Because of you I get to put this picture…



And in case that isn’t awesome enough, there’s this:


(That’s our book on Amazon right next to David Sedaris. DAVID SEDARIS!)

Yeah. I have no more words.

(Okay. If you know me that’s not true.)

34 thoughts on “But I don’t even own any lipstick…

  1. Lori Dyan

    If anyone must shine her light on the world it is you, my friend. Congrats! I can’t wait to read it! (Also, I suspect Bill will be fine with you borrowing his bandana as long as you wear it to bed with that lipstick – yowza!)

  2. Mazel tov to you, my friend. I’m so proud of you. Also you look hot!

  3. Mom and Dad

    YOU have no more words? Who are you kidding?? This is so much fun and so richly deserved. After the last eight months you should definitely be enjoying every moment of this. We are! XO, Mom and Dad

  4. julie

    I think my mother just commented on my blog for the first time in almost three years.

    This is practically as good as being published.

  5. Congrats my friend and not just on the adorable lipstick.

  6. OMG please rock that look daily! Love you, love this, love that you’re published, love the world. xoxo

  7. Mom and Dad

    Now that you’re famous I decided to come forward and acknowledge you! She’s mine, folks, eat your hearts out!

  8. I do not think I have ever NOT enjoyed something you’ve written (enough double negatives?). You are awesome and inspiring and one day I hope to have my words 1/10 as compelling as yours.

    This is richly deserved and it is on my book list.

  9. Diane

    No words are necessary from me to you to tell you how incredibly proud and thrilled I am at your success. When you read my look yesterday, I truly realized the closeness of our friendship…and now I am that close to a published author. Congratulations!

  10. Barbara Madvin

    Ordered it and can’t wait to read it! Will never forget the movie we wrote and produced in 6th grade. I knew you were headed for big things! Congratulations!

  11. julie

    OH MY GOSH, Barbara!

    The Three Mousketeers!

    We really did ooze talent back then…

    Thanks so much for the support – more than thirty years later!

  12. I have ALWAYS believed in you! You are an amazing writer and this is only the start of awesome writerly things! Huge congrats on the success of the book!! That is so fantastic! Woot! And you’ll forever be #1 to me! Hugs!

  13. Allison

    so proud:) if the other ladies are half as good as you are. . then it will be one fantastic book.

  14. Randy

    Beyond thrilled for you. Congrats Julie!

  15. Woohoo!! So proud of you! This is so, so fabulous! And, of course, you have an author page. You are meant to have an author page.

  16. I’m reading that Sedaris book now! But more imporantly, CONGRATS!!!!!! Love the picture, love the post, LOVE that you have an author page on Amazon. Will order the book ASAP. So excited for you!

  17. How exciting and what good company both in the book and on Amazon! Next, your novels hit it big!

  18. Congrats! Can’t wait to give it a read!

  19. Congratulations, Julie!
    I was so thrilled to see your name in the author list.
    And you’re gorgeous, smelly bandanna and all.

  20. I love that picture of you, I must say. 🙂 Can’t wait to get my copy.

  21. Christy

    So, did you paint both hands or just the one in the picture? You look great! Congrats!

  22. I am so very proud of you, Julie. I love the photo and I am absolutely buying this book.

  23. pat starrett

    Halleluja! Great news! What a treat to read about it!
    Having known you and your mom since your respective births I am
    not surprised! Keep the good news rolling in!
    Your devoted cousin, Pat

  24. If I didn’t love you so freaking much I’d be seething with jealousy. But I’m not. I’m just so damn happy for you. Well-deserved my friend. YOU ARE A PUBLISHED AUTHOR! And your essay – superb. I’ll be bringing my copy on Wednesday to be autographed. (And now I know what I’m getting all my friends for Christmas too!)

    And of course it goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway – that picture – FABULOUS!

  25. I am so proud of you, Julie! You did it! Congratulations. Ordering the book! CAN’T WAIT to read it!!!!

  26. How exciting!! Congratulations!!

  27. That is so cool!! Congratulations!!

  28. YAY! This book is on my immediate need list because YOU! Also Leslie is a lovely person and I like her lots…she has REALLY good taste in writers!

  29. Now you officially need your own lipstick. Congratulations on the book, what an amazing group of writers. And your picture is perfect, I would be adding a bandana to my yoga pant wardrobe if it looked that good on my head.

  30. Cameron

    So freaking well done, Julie!

    And can I say, I love that bandanna on you!!

  31. So, so awesome. Congrats!

  32. ZOMG. I just ordered my Kindle copy. CONGRATULATIONS!

  33. Squeee!!!! Congratulations!!! I am SO excited for you!!! xoxo (I know this comment is totally grammatically incorrect, which you hate, but I am truly so excited for you.) xoxo

  34. Congratulations! That must feel just awesome.

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