For My Daughter On Her Birthday

On July 14th, 1999, you made me complete.

A nurse slipped you into my arms (all four pounds, fourteen ounces of sticky skin and soft bone), and I looked down at your tiny face and knew you for my own.

These trembling hands were cradling the first great-granddaughter; the first niece; the first sister of a generation.

My last child (I wish I had known that).

My only baby girl.

You were perfect in our eyes. You are better than we deserve.

Ever our even girl.

“I love you, Mama,” you said, eyes darting to your father. “I love you too, Dada. Maybe just a dot more.”

You looked between us then. “Actually, (ac-ti-dee) I love you both the same.”

A hug for me. A hug for him. A hug for your big brother.

For all these years you’ve wanted everything to be fair, to never hurt a feeling or ruffle a feather.

You smooth each rough edge you encounter, offering compromise, a hand, placation.

But here’s a secret I’ll share today, a wish I have for you besides constant equanimity:

I want you to love freely, without measure or fear.  Be extravagant with your emotions and seek, at times, the ends of the spectrum instead of the careful balance of middle ground.

Don’t be afraid of ruffled feathers, of being out of joint or sorts.

You should love some more than others. You will give (inevitably) less than is required but also sometimes more.

We can always only try our hardest and hope our intentions speak loudly. That our actions (overall) speak louder still.

I wish for you a path that brings you joy, goals with both purpose and strength. I hope you find true friends you rightly trust, and a partner in this life to hold your hand.

If I could, I’d choose for you an open mind that keeps learning, and a spirit that willingly shares what you know.

After all, you’ve been sharing since your brother first climbed onto my lap to be held alongside you.

People clucked and comforted. “Don’t worry. When you have another baby, your heart stretches.”

You’ll see. But I didn’t believe them, and I don’t believe them now.

I’m certain I grew a new heart in the wake of your arrival. The one I’d been using (testing, building, breaking) couldn’t have fit all that flooded me the minute I suspected you were coming (in the middle of a Sunday brunch. I was eating eggs and I just knew).

Cows have four stomachs. I have two hearts.

(I know they don’t really; and neither do I. But still.)

My Girl of the Bright Side, you were born second; you wore navy blue sweatshirts and dinosaur pajamas; you slept in hand-me-down beds and chewed on plastic blocks that someone else had gummed before you.

Your baby book is half full and most of your pictures contain another grinning face (also covered  in cake or standing in front of the giraffe’s habitat or washing the car with one bucket of soapy water and two rags).

There is one thing you’ve never had to share, though: You claimed the whole of the heart I grew for you.

For whatever’s longer than forever. Plus a dot more.

Happy birthday, Kaker-Baker-Candlestick-Maker; my daughter with long(ish) legs and wide(ish) shoulders and the quickest smile.

You make me proud and astonished and terrified and awestruck and complete.

And I’ll always love you more than all the words.

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6 thoughts on “For My Daughter On Her Birthday

  1. Diane

    Happy birthday to one of the sweetest, kindest, most wonderfullest girls I know. Love you to the moon and back, Kk! (And I don’t make an intentional grammar error for just anyone!)

  2. Happy Birthday! Julie this is beautifully written. She became who she is because of the love she received. You and Bill should rightfully be proud of her. If you are ever blessed with a grandchild, that child will be so loved. What a lucky little tyke.

  3. Laurel Janssen Byrne

    I’m hearing U2 – two hearts beat as one!

  4. Julie, I love this so much. I actually googled to see if cows have four stomachs (they do) and I don’t, not for one minute, doubt you have two huge hearts….or more.

    I love this: Be extravagant with your emotions and seek, at times, the ends of the spectrum instead of the careful balance of middle ground. – Your love will give her the courage to do just that.

  5. I love this so much. And you. (Just a dot more.)

  6. Bailey

    Wow, so sweet! What a great photo of the two of you! It’s so timeless, looks like it could have been taken yesterday.

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