Today call me silly

Today call me silly…oh boy, am I ever! But you knew that already. And silly applies to me on not just this day but all of them. Still, today I’m visiting the hilarious (original and fabulous) Amanda at Fond of the Silliness and I couldn’t be more giddy about it. The first time I stumbled upon […]

The greatest of these is love

So we’re heading to Palm Desert this weekend. Ah, the sunshine! The swimming pools! The shopping! Except we’re not so much staying at a luxury resort as sojourning in the retirement community where my parents and grandparents currently dwell. This means of course that instead of crowing, “Hooray, I’m on vacation!” I’m more likely to […]


  Blue Charlie had been watching her for the past ten stops, struggling to resist the rain’s rhythmic tap tap tap on the roof of the bus. He was so tired, but he wouldn’t fall asleep. He couldn’t. Don’t. Dream. No. The jolt startled him. A pothole? It didn’t matter. He was awake now. And […]

I don’t mean your kid, of course

If you’re reading this and I currently drive your kid around on a regular basis, don’t worry. I freaking love it. I’m not talking about your kid in this post at Aiming Low. No. Your kid is my favorite. Promise.

Today call me Low

Today call me low, because I’m at Aiming Low sharing a few discoveries I made after becoming a mom; certain unexpected benefits I’ve embraced since welcoming two free-loading human beings into my household. I mean, we all acknowledge that no matter how they enter the family, kids are a life-changers, right? It’s glorious and strange, […]

Then and Now

So my son is one month from his middle school promotion; then he’s going to high school. Like any minute now. And this fact has got me freaked out and nostalgic and also maybe the tiniest bit curious about how he got to be so old while I’m still so young. (Side note: 43 is […]

When the New Baby is Coming: Petal Lashes

The petal lashes blink once, twice. A third time. I don’t believe you, his blue eyes say. This is what he knows: There is a bed in my room now. Next to my crib. I pull tufts from my blanket, white balls that look like bubbles. Mama’s belly is hard and tight, bigger than it used […]

Today call me enough

Today call me enough; yes that’s right my friends. I have a post featured at Just.Be.Enough. and I could not be more proud. When Elena asked me to share a post, I jumped at the chance to become a part of the conversation at a place devoted to acknowledging the good that already exists inside us. […]

Today call me well-examined

Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” And I do enjoy living. I imagine you do, too. To that end, I’m taking you with me on an appointment of a delicate nature. That’s right. My yearly EXAM. Because this is about life, my friends. And I want you to be worthy, too. The […]

Today call me bad

Today call me bad. Come on. You always suspected it, right? Except now I’ve actually admitted that I’m bad. To the bone. Or at least to Nina Badzin. That’s right. I’m at Nina Badzin’s Blog today admitting one of my many dirty little secrets: My daughter doesn’t like to read. (Shhhhh.) I know. Believe me, […]