P.S. To Kill a Mockingbird rocks, right?

Dear Jack’s English Teacher, Sorry for the generic nature of this greeting, but as of right now, I do not know your name. Or the names of any of Jack’s teachers. Not yet. You see, I’m dropping my son off for his first day of high school this morning and he won’t receive his schedule […]

Hands Down

“I love you.” I say it all day long. No joke. I tell my kids (who sometimes mumble it back and sometimes speak clearly). I whisper it into my dogs’ ears while they lick my face and I try not to think about where their tongues have been. I text it to Bill if he’s […]

Today call me back

When something breaks, we have various options for handling the situation. For the purposes of this post, I’m narrowing the field to three because A. This is my blog and B. I’m bossy and C. One of those two statements is true. (Hint: A.) Anyway. When we realize something’s broken (let’s say an air mattress or […]

Today call me chaotic…

Today call me chaotic…which indeed I am, having just hosted my mother and father-in-law, two sisters-in-law, two nephews, two nieces and one dog-in-law for a wonderful week in honor of Bill’s mother’s birthday. Together with my family of four and our two dogs, this made for a grand total of thirteen people and three dogs […]


I will forever love the doctor who said this to me on the day of your birth: “She’s a titch, but she’s perfect.” All four pounds, fourteen ounces of you. My last miracle. My baby girl. Who looks like this: So can you forgive me for still seeing you like this?   And allow me […]

Today call me monstrous

Today call me monstrous, not only because I am visiting Mommy of  Monster and twins, but also because I’m there for her Mommy Moment feature – and the topic sometimes makes me feel inhuman. Yep. I’m sharing a bit about my experiences with discipline which is probably my biggest challenge as a mother. I’ve often felt like waving […]

The Mobile Home

      It didn’t matter that there were no seatbelts; we knew our van was plush. Every last inch of the interior was covered in slick paneling with artificial wood details or scratchy pile carpet in a shade somewhere between rust and dried blood. Dad chose the décor himself after he converted the back […]

Today I’m just plain excited…

…because today I am visiting one of my favorite places in the universe (yes, universe):   Four Plus an Angel. You know Jessica’s blog, right? If you’ve read her words, then you have also laughed, cried and let your heart swell beyond imagining. The raw truths she shares about being a mother (four in her arms, […]


It seems impossible. And yet. It is true. I already said the very best words I have for you and I still mean every single one of them. So today, instead, let me share this: a moment with my son in the summer of 2000 when this song played over and over and over…   […]