Begin Again

On November 3, 2015, I shared this post announcing that I was beginning to run again after months of not running. I did this partly for accountability, but also because I wanted everyone else to join me in pursuing a deferred dream. Let’s do this, I said. TOGETHER, I said. It was a post aimed at […]

The Old Christmas Poem I Didn’t Publish (Until Now)

Yet Another Gardner Christmas Poem (whether you want it or not…) ‘Twas one week before Christmas in 2010; I’m sorry our cards will be late once again. With so much to do and an absence of time, I’ve just settled down now to write this year’s rhyme. To update you quickly—not much has digressed From […]

Stop Quitting: An Oxymoron

My sister-in-law Linda started a business transforming reclaimed wood into home decor. Reklaimed Designs is hard work, but Linda loves it. Last week I told her, “I could never do what you do. I’m not artsy at all.” This morning I remembered something. I took years of oil painting lessons when I was young. As […]

The Thing About Dreams

You know what’s weird? Of course you do. You know about a lot of weird things. Like platypuses. Black licorice. The success of Air Supply and The Big Bang Theory. But today I’m asking you to suspend your familiarity with weirdness and play along. So. You know what’s weird? No, Julie! What’s weird? I’m glad […]

Book Giveaway! SPINNING: Choreography for Coming Home

When Tarja Parssinen of Moxie Road Productions asked if I’d be interested in an Advance Reader Copy of Janine Kovac’s debut, I jumped at the chance. Memoir is among my favorite genres, and I wanted to share this one with you. Before I began reading, however, I couldn’t help wondering what I’d gotten myself into. […]

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover (Except Sometimes)

Seriously. Just when I thought I couldn’t handle any more excitement around here, Velvet Morning Press surprised me with all new cover designs. Check them out below: If you HAVE to have this edition of Letters for Scarlet (and why wouldn’t you?) it’s available in paperback and Kindle. You can also buy the updated edition of my novella Guest List, […]

Ready or Not

My kids leave for college in one week. Both of my kids. All of my kids. Next Tuesday they’ll drive 13ish hours to Eugene, Oregon in Jack’s car. Bill and I are flying up Wednesday to settle Karly into her dorm and Jack into his apartment. Two days later, Bill and I will board the […]

The Hermit Crabs

On June 22, 1996, Bill and I collected the keys to our first house. This was when it was under construction, in a new (at the time) community. With its zero-lot line and postage-stamp yard, our place was technically a condo. It boasted three bedrooms plus a loft, and was much bigger than we, a […]