Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover (Except Sometimes)

Seriously. Just when I thought I couldn’t handle any more excitement around here, Velvet Morning Press surprised me with all new cover designs. Check them out below: If you HAVE to have this edition of Letters for Scarlet (and why wouldn’t you?) it’s available in paperback and Kindle. You can also buy the updated edition of my novella Guest List, […]

Ready or Not

My kids leave for college in one week. Both of my kids. All of my kids. Next Tuesday they’ll drive 13ish hours to Eugene, Oregon in Jack’s car. Bill and I are flying up Wednesday to settle Karly into her dorm and Jack into his apartment. Two days later, Bill and I will board the […]

The Hermit Crabs

On June 22, 1996, Bill and I collected the keys to our first house. This was when it was under construction, in a new (at the time) community. With its zero-lot line and postage-stamp yard, our place was technically a condo. It boasted three bedrooms plus a loft, and was much bigger than we, a […]

Happy Place

Since I took a break from writing fiction, I’ve been compelled to blog again. The post below is something I wrote during the April meeting of my writing group. Each month we begin with a brief meditation, then a ten-minute response to a prompt. I’m sharing the result of my most recent effort because the […]

Water Under the Bridge

First the days pass and then weeks. You blink and three months of water flow under your blog’s bridge without a new post. Do I care? Does anyone else? Do people read blogs anymore? And anyway, I tell myself, I like my last post. It was for my mother for her 70th birthday. I like […]

Mother Knows Best

In my earliest memories, she wears a long blue robe and smells like coffee. My dad offers goodbye kisses to her, my little sister and me. Then he goes to work. He’s a high school Spanish teacher. My mother’s work is us. She is young, in her early twenties, ironing clothes in our den. Love, […]

You Can’t Buy Everything at Ikea

*This post on Christmas Eve traditions originally appeared at Dances with Chaos in 2011. — Our Not-So-Silent Night I hear–first—the angel chimes. Do you know about them? (They’re sold now at IKEA.) The ding-ding-ding of bells as golden trumpeters circle the candle flames, urged onward by heat and little-girl excitement. In the air an endless loop […]

Letters for Scarlet: The Movie

PEOPLE, I HAVE BIG NEWS: No, Letters for Scarlet is not a movie. Yet. But it is on sale for just .99 until November 15th. NOW! (Edited to add: The sale has been so successful, we’ve extended it. Don’t miss out!) Oops. I meant IT’S ON SALE FOR JUST 99¢ !!! UNTIL NOVEMBER 15!!! NOW!!! My math […]

Since You’ve Been Gone

I mean, you’re not that far from us. You’re in Oregon. Our states touch. We’re one plane ride away. (If we fly direct to Portland then drive to Eugene. Otherwise it’s two plane rides with a connection in San Francisco. Sometimes one of the planes has a propeller.) So what I’m saying is, you’re not […]