Pushing Boulders

You know those days where you have so much to accomplish, such a long list, so many items to check off that you stare into space doing nothing? Of course you do. You’re human. Everyone falls asleep at the dinner table at least once. Right? This is Jack in 1998 but it’s how I feel most of […]

Three Months

Has it really been that long? 13 weeks. 92 days. 2208 hours. A lot can happen in three months. For instance You can sign a book deal with Velvet Morning Press to publish your first novel. You can awaken the following day and discover you’re still a woman with laundry to fold and dishes to […]


We gather in someone’s living room on the third Wednesday of every month. Laurel. Charlene. Kim. Lexi. Rina. The members of my writing group. In May, Laurel hosts. I take a seat on the floor, cross-legged beside her coffee table. I’ve brought along my bag of things that make me legitimate. Two half-filled notebooks. A […]

For Jackie

We sat together on the couch in our hotel room sipping red wine and whispering. My sister Nancy napped in an adjoining room. Four others of our group were in the lobby wandering through gift shops and purchasing tickets for a comedy show that night. It was late afternoon, the space dimly lit. A re-run […]

The Unraveling of Mercy Louis: Book Review and Giveaway

Fear is among the most potent of human emotions, capable of manipulating not only our thoughts but our bodies. A rush of adrenaline causes sweat on the brow. Trembling limbs. A quiver in the voice. In extreme cases, an internal crisis can lead to unexplained physical symptoms. This condition is known as Conversion Disorder. Keija […]

My Last Christmas Poem Was Better, But…

…they can’t all be home runs. So, hooray for MEDIOCRITY! We’re excellent at it! ‘Twas nine days before Christmas; I woke in a fog. “Hey, I should write something! Don’t I have a blog?” My website is lonely; my laundry list, too; So little time and so dang much to do! There’s sleeping and eating, […]

Inside Out

I am a writer. I use my words. I find it easy to describe my feelings. Ravenous? Joyful? Discombobulated? (I am often discombobulated.) But when my daughter is sad or overwhelmed, feeling awkward, she doesn’t speak her discomfort (or scream or cry or act out). She comes to me, puts her head on my shoulder and […]

The Heavy Bag

My sister Nancy tells the story about a time when her boys were under two years old and, as mothers of young children often do to keep from going insane, she visited a friend. Besides her two sons, Nancy brought along with her a backpack she carried in lieu of a diaper bag. It featured […]


In the first year of this blog, I wrote two of my favorite posts celebrating the birthdays of my son and daughter. Birthday posts can be indulgent, of interest to immediate family only. But I love them and the children they freeze in words, even as time continues to march on. A few weeks ago, […]

On Having to Write

I write because I have to. HAVE to. Hmmmm. As someone with many writer friends, someone who reads countless articles about or by writers, who longs to embrace the writing life, I frequently come across this phase or something similar to it. I am sure that, for some people, the sentiment rings true. But I’m […]